4 elements of smart employee goals

November 5, 2015 Categorized in: Advancement

At work, you need individual goals that express what you want to be doing, says ClearCompany CEO Andre Lavoie, who explains the four characteristics of a smart employee goal.
To clean up your writing, trust your ears … Replace quirky interview questions with analytical ones … Pick the best time and place to speak up.
“Sweatworking” is the newest way to connect with professional contacts … You’ll soon be able to control your entire house with Siri voice com­­mands … Watch what you write in your work emails; they can be used against you.

Expand your network with Concierge

September 17, 2015 Categorized in: Advancement

Meeting with other business professionals who also want to expand their network has never been easier, writes Taylor Soper in Geek­­Wire. Startup company Weave has created Concierge, an app that automates your networking.

Demand for admins in health care rising

August 24, 2015 Categorized in: Advancement

As organizations transition to electronic medical records and deal with the upcoming coding conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10, they’re looking for coding and health information management professionals as well. Here are three more health care admin roles for you to consider.
Administrative workers took a particularly hard hit during the recession, writes Bryce Covert for New Republic. Nearly 1.7 million ad­­ministrative support positions were lost between 2007 and 2013, and unlike earlier recessions, these jobs did not return as the economy rebounded. Instead, pro­­­fessionals are more likely to an­­swer their own phones and manage their own calendars …
Boost your career by self-­publishing on LinkedIn … Develop resilience to ease your way through life’s struggles … Increase productivity by setting yourself up to say “done.”
We connected with author Nancy O’Reilly for her advice on building stronger professional relationships.
Julie Perrine says she’s an “accidental admin”—but once she got into it, she found she enjoyed the job and had the skills necessary to succeed at it. She’s worked in customer service, as an executive assistant and as a virtual assistant. In 2009, she launched All Things Admin and now does onsite workshops, training and speaking. We caught up with Perrine re­­cently and talked about the changing role of admins and what it takes to get ahead in the profession now.
When Karen Kaplan first started at Hill Holliday as a receptionist, she was just looking for a job to save money. But then the president of the company, Jack Connors, told her she was the face and voice of Hill Holliday …
Don’t sweat a little pessimism at work … Book just about anything using the Twitter app … Team up to beat stress.
Successful people don’t let negativity, blame and other toxic emotions slow them down. How can you train yourself to think in a way that’s always pushing you forward?
Everyone needs a mentor, a coach and a sponsor to help them grow and excel in their careers, says Brazen Careerist writer Lorena Knapp. She explains what each does to help.