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If your executive has overly inflated feelings of self-worth, grandness and superiority over others, they probably don’t take criticism well.

How to recognize office bullying

January 5, 2023 Categorized in: Difficult People

Surveys show that an estimated 35% of American workers have experienced bullying in the workplace. In 80% of those situations, the perpetrator is a supervisor or boss.

Is your boss a micromanager?

January 5, 2023 Categorized in: Managing the Boss

Micromanagement is a management style where a manager closely observes, supervises and/or controls the work of their employees. People who micromanage immerse themselves in the work of others. This means that a micromanager often avoids delegating responsibilities to employees, so the manager becomes the sole decision-maker.
The pandemic created unique situations and learning opportunities for both leaders and followers. Being able to stay the course, let alone see growth in advancing organizational goals, can only be accomplished through well-established leadership teams.
To promote an excellent working relationship with your executive, focus on communication, business acumen and confidentiality to “become the admin they can’t live without.”

Detect gaslighting at work

November 3, 2022 Categorized in: Difficult People

Gaslighting is an insidious behavior by a co-worker that either intentionally or unintentionally breaks down your belief in your own competence. It can be caused by something as simple as differences in communication style, but it can also be the result of intense passive aggression. Pay special attention to these circumstances.
Thanks to the upheaval in the workforce, many companies are cutting their administrative staff, leaving those stressed-out remaining admin pros to support multiple managers and executives, whether in person or virtually. It’s important not to get flustered by these additional responsibilities. There are ways to make things easier.
As Nan Mooney explains in her book I Can’t Believe She Did That!, women in the workplace are sometimes friendly to one another on the surface but are hurtful behind the scenes: bad-mouthing, backstabbing or sabotaging success. Mooney offers these tips for protecting yourself against that behavior without making enemies.
Q. I just took a new position in a great company. But my boss routinely uses the F-word at work. Should I complain? I’m not a prude, but it seems hostile.
Have you ever known or worked with someone who just won’t read communication? Before you stew about these “information vacuums” too much, consider a few things.
Q. A senior leader was let go from our company. As a friend of hers, I’ve become aware of disparaging things she now writes online about it—nothing widely seen, but I think many of them are unjustified. I want to stay friends, but also put an end to these inaccuracies. Any suggestions?

Let employees go out how they want

June 8, 2022 Categorized in: Supervising

Like most rituals, the office farewell party is, in theory, a nice idea. But honestly… who has ever enjoyed theirs?
In the catalog of “how to deal with difficult people” advice you’ll seek out during your career, there’s a particularly insidious character who makes frequent appearances: the condescender.