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Unless you understand how your company’s numbers come about, you’re not truly a fully educated employee.
One of the easiest ways to add structure and organization to your workspace, files and more is to use color-coding. This typically applies more to paper files than digital files. However, many programs and task management tools allow you to add category colors so you can carry them over to your digital file management.

The warning signs of poor teamwork

November 8, 2020 Categorized in: HR

Most leaders and managers would say they have a team. But having a team and operating as a team are two different things. Some would say they have a team because they have multiple people on their staff.
Crumpled receipts, overindulgent choices, ill-defined budgets … an expense policy needs to accommodate the realities of what happens when staff starts spending.
Before a possible influx of employees back into the office, make sure you’ve begun to explore solutions to the following dilemmas.
You spend and spend on making videos to connect with customers and clients—in terms of both time and money—yet the actual click numbers don’t seem to make it all worth it. Why is it that your well-produced work isn’t garnering more views?
Let’s look at some good examples of SOP manual techniques … and some bad ones.

When money problems come home

March 7, 2019 Categorized in: Tracking Expenses

It may not be realistic to completely put an end to money arguments once and for all. But there are strategies to help you have better conversations about money.
Have you ever tried to give a presentation when the internet connections for your attendees were sketchy? Now in Slides, you can turn on automatic captioning while presenting.
When Congress expanded the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2009, it broadened the circle of people eligible for ADA rights even wider. That has led to a spike in people filing ADA-related legal claims. Here’s what managers need to know about the ADA:

Dump that snazzy video equipment!

September 6, 2018 Categorized in: Presentations

Many an office will splurge on a nice video camera, light kit and editing system with dreams of hitting their company intranet, website or YouTube with snazzy content. But struggling with complicated hardware is often overkill because of the way videos are produced or perceived these days.
Most timesaving “secrets” are the best practices you’ve been hearing about since the advent of paper clips. The trick is, you have to try them out to discover whether they match your work style. And then you have to stick with them to gain the benefits. Here are three timesaving secrets recommended by administrative professionals:
It can be hard to sacrifice things you usually spend money on, but it can also be fun to cut back and watch the savings accumulate. Here are eight ways to save.