Managing the Boss

If your executive has overly inflated feelings of self-worth, grandness and superiority over others, they probably don’t take criticism well.

Is your boss a micromanager?

January 5, 2023 Categorized in: Managing the Boss

Micromanagement is a management style where a manager closely observes, supervises and/or controls the work of their employees. People who micromanage immerse themselves in the work of others. This means that a micromanager often avoids delegating responsibilities to employees, so the manager becomes the sole decision-maker.
To promote an excellent working relationship with your executive, focus on communication, business acumen and confidentiality to “become the admin they can’t live without.”
Thanks to the upheaval in the workforce, many companies are cutting their administrative staff, leaving those stressed-out remaining admin pros to support multiple managers and executives, whether in person or virtually. It’s important not to get flustered by these additional responsibilities. There are ways to make things easier.
Q. I just took a new position in a great company. But my boss routinely uses the F-word at work. Should I complain? I’m not a prude, but it seems hostile.
Handling a perfectionist can feel especially tricky when that person is a manager. Here are some ways to deal with perfectionist execs.

When your exec falls silent

April 6, 2022 Categorized in: Managing the Boss

It can be very uncomfortable to get the feeling that your boss isn’t happy with you, especially if you’re not entirely clear about the situation. If your boss isn’t telling you what the problem is, it’s next to impossible to correct it. So, take the lead on this. Here are some tips.
Changes in the workforce have demanded that many businesses cut down some administrative staff. That leaves those remaining with a lot more on their plates. If this is your job—or it becomes your job—here’s a little guidance to avoid getting pulled in too many directions.
Difficult means complicated, challenging or someone who is hard to deal with. A difficult person can be considered obnoxious, or verbally attacks you, criticizes you. They can be intrusive, controlling, picky or petty. But the executive you consider to be difficult might be a great opportunity to another assistant.

Master executive support

June 2, 2021 Categorized in: Managing the Boss

It truly is a special skill to support and partner with an executive. It is not an easy role, and it is not for the faint hearted. It takes grit, resiliency, street smarts, tenacity and agility.

Get quick feedback from the boss

February 3, 2021 Categorized in: Managing the Boss

Managers have a lot on their plates, which can prevent them from getting back to you about your project in a timely manner. Here are C+A+O, the three elements to any decision you should remember when writing emails to your boss.
Question: My exec is a really lousy delegator, always taking everything on herself, even tasks that are far beneath her and could be handled by anyone. As a result, she’s got too much on her plate and she’s always stressed. How can I fix this?
Question: My executive is notorious for delaying, fussing, hedging and eventually missing deadlines. Then there’s always a weak apology: ‘Sorry, I got sidetracked.’ Every time he does this, it inconveniences other departments. Are there any good ways to get him into a different mindset, one where we’re not all scurrying around to make up the time he costs us?