Personal Development

Communication crisis: Building rapport

July 2, 2020

Communication is at the core of business and relationships. Good or bad, it will impact relationships, productivity and revenue. Here are some catalysts and cures for communication crises.

Personal Development

3 leadership myths

July 2, 2020

Stop believing these three damaging myths, which have even confident people convinced they aren’t personally fit to lead.


Ask the veteran: How do I make a good impression in just 3 minutes?

July 2, 2020

Question: “I have been asked by a potential employer to record a 3-minute video to introduce myself, explaining my goals and why I would be a good fit. Eek! I’ve never done this before and I’m very stiff on camera. Any tips on how to make myself seem more real and personable?”

Personal Development

1-Minute Strategies: August ’20

July 2, 2020

Reconsider the timing of your emails ... Keep a copy of your original job description ... What is the smallest country in the world? ... How’s your Elvish? ... Ever get the impression the numbering of the U.S. interstate highways isn’t just random?


Before criticizing, ask 2 questions

June 24, 2020

One of your employees has done something wrong. Before you call him or her on the carpet, ask yourself these questions.

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Stay ever-present when working remotely

Do you worry that if you’re away from the office and mixing face to face with colleagues for too long, they’ll simply forget how important you are? There are ways to keep injecting your presence even from far away.

1-Minute Strategy:

Can making a very simple list reveal your calling?

Discover your true passion by creating a three-column list, says career counselor Karen James Chopra. In the first column, write down every job you’ve ever had (including that lifeguard gig you had one summer). In the second, list what you liked. In the third, what you disliked. “I promise you,” she says, “themes emerge.”

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