Develop a color code for better organization

May 5, 2021

One of the easiest ways to add structure and organization to your workspace, files and more is to use color-coding. This typically applies more to paper files than digital files. However, many programs and task management tools allow you to add category colors so you can carry them over to your digital file management.


PowerPoint: Create an FAQ with Screen Recording

May 5, 2021

Before you show how to do a screen operation, click the Screen Recording button.


How do I get my Microsoft form to automatically update the same Excel file?

May 5, 2021

Whether or not it should work this way, it does.


Email overload: 5 tips to kill the clutter

May 5, 2021

Is it time to get serious about killing your inbox clutter—not just deleting unwanted email messages but setting up ways of working that don’t create the clutter in the first place? Here are five tips to get you started.

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When there’s not enough work … and you’re going crazy!

For a busy professional, it can be rare—and a huge relief—when the stars align and a lighter workday affords you some breathing room. But too much breathing room can be its own problem.

1-Minute Strategy:

Sell a meeting any way you can

Few people get excited when they see yet another meeting invitation float into their inbox. To intrigue and entice them a little, give the meeting a title. A title suggests that a real narrative may emerge and reminds people in a subtle way to stay focused on the topic. Make it funny, make it dramatic ... just make it seem like you care enough about the meeting to brand it.

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