What to do about an office star with one glaring flaw?

June 14, 2018

Question: "A vital person on our admin team, who's terrific in every way professionally, sometimes creates really bad feelings by being a drama queen. When it happens, it's so embarrassing and frustrating. In general, what should you do when someone's a superstar except for one big problem? Isn't it sometimes better to just deal with one major personality glitch rather than create an issue out of it?" - Kathryn, Team Lead


Communication skills that have impact … choose the right medium

June 7, 2018

In the 21st century, we have so many ways to communicate. The only way to develop a sure confidence you’re using the right method is to study the mediums of communication, the purpose and the relationships.

Personal Development

Your brand needs your attention

June 7, 2018

Sharon Florentine writes at CIO that failing to build your own brand means one will get created without your input, which may not be one that you like. She offers tips to help.

Work/Life Balance

When you must bring the kids to work

June 7, 2018

Sometimes it’s unavoidable: You’ve just got to have your child with you in the office to get past a spot where there’s no caregiver available. Here’s how to handle it.


How to work through creative differences

June 7, 2018

Sometimes conflict emerges on a creative project that has no perfect vision. Beth Noymer Levine, author of Jock Talk, says that whether the hangup is over the title of a report or the décor in the office, you should remember these three things.

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Three ways to approach crying in the workplace

It can happen to any of us, says author Holly Caplan, so if it does, have these tips already in mind.

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Are they trapped? Keep ’em fed

Don't scrimp on food when conducting a presentation that lasts two hours or more. A hungry audience is a distracted audience, and the goal should be to remove all possible distractions.

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