Difficult People

How to handle a tardy colleague?

October 17, 2017

That’s what one reader asked recently on the Admin Pro Forum. Experts offered their take on the issue.

Time Management

5 ways to procrastinate wisely

October 16, 2017

So you don’t feel like opening that onerous spreadsheet. That’s OK. Try these idle activities.


New technology for booking travel

October 12, 2017

Elaine Glusac, writing at The New York Times, offers these examples of data-driven travel planners.

Personal Development

Learn about a topic you hate

October 11, 2017

For us personally at Administrative Professional Today, that topic is algebra. But just for argument’s sake, how would we face it if we had to? When confronted with such an onerous subject, take these routes.

Personal Development

Try these tips to outrun your workday

October 11, 2017

Before you deploy the search and rescue over a tightly scheduled project that seems like it will never cross the finish line, remember these tips when scheduling more work around it.

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Find better hotel prices

September 7, 2017

Featured Article

Ego traps that can sabotage your career

What are the most common foibles that cause promising professionals to fail? These are the traps that can bring you down.

1-Minute Strategy:

Reach out to the unemployed with caution

When a friend loses his or her job, your first instinct will likely be to jump in with employment recommendations and other advice on what to do next. Keep in mind, though, that immediately after a layoff, someone is likely to feel like everybody has suddenly become their mom and dad, chiding them to do things. This can make them feel small and even worse about the job loss. Expect a period in which they prefer to go at their own pace and make their own decisions about the next move.

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