What to expect when you return to the office

May 11, 2020

With COVID restrictions very slowly easing, soon many admins will end their time of telecommuting and see familiar faces in person once again. But this transition will be unique and challenging.


Do you communicate effectively?

May 8, 2020

Here are three ways to increase your value to your current employer, as well as to potential employers.

Personal Development

Correct a bad first impression

May 8, 2020

What if you get off on the wrong foot with someone whose good will you’re going to need in the future? Try these tips to repair an awkward or negative first encounter.

Personal Development

4 videoconferencing blunders to avoid

May 8, 2020

We’ve all quickly learned both the efficiencies and quirks of videoconferencing. But how are we personally perceived inside that medium? Keep these tips in mind so you come off better when accepting that next video invite.

Managing the Boss

Ask the veteran: How do I deal with a boss who won’t meet deadlines?

May 8, 2020

Question: My executive is notorious for delaying, fussing, hedging and eventually missing deadlines. Then there’s always a weak apology: ‘Sorry, I got sidetracked.’ Every time he does this, it inconveniences other departments. Are there any good ways to get him into a different mindset, one where we’re not all scurrying around to make up the time he costs us?

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Stay ever-present when working remotely

Do you worry that if you’re away from the office and mixing face to face with colleagues for too long, they’ll simply forget how important you are? There are ways to keep injecting your presence even from far away.

1-Minute Strategy:

Can making a very simple list reveal your calling?

Discover your true passion by creating a three-column list, says career counselor Karen James Chopra. In the first column, write down every job you’ve ever had (including that lifeguard gig you had one summer). In the second, list what you liked. In the third, what you disliked. “I promise you,” she says, “themes emerge.”

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