3 Word wishes, granted

August 5, 2019

Is there an easy way to add a signature page to a document? ... Is there an easy way to add and modify custom SharePoint columns from Word? ... Someone put a faded image as a page background. I can’t seem to select it and delete it. Any tips?


Clean up clutter in Teams

August 5, 2019

Teams creates quite a bit of content behind the scenes. When it’s no longer needed, it can produce clutter. There are 3 methods to help neaten things up.


Get around in Word with the Navigation Pane

August 5, 2019

Turn on the Navigation Pane in Word to strategically navigate around your document.


Outlook: 3 tips to clear out messages

August 5, 2019

Make a dent in the pile of messages in your inbox with these 3 tips.


Autocorrect THIS!

August 1, 2019

We’ve all seen the hilarious memes about autocorrect gone wrong. So, how can you control this feature in a way that will give you the confidence to use it? Here are some suggestions.

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How to give thoughtful advice

Giving thoughtful advice is a skill. It can be learned, honed and improved throughout our careers and our lives. Here are some tips.

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You can’t be the patron saint of all objects

Are you someone who's always asking, "Hey, can you use this; I hate to throw it out"? The effort of finding homes for barely useful items just creates more steps on our to-do lists and more junk that others will soon be weighed down by as well. If no one's actively pursuing an item you don't want, buy yourself some time and freedom by disposing of it fast and not looking back.

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