3 quick tips for Outlook users

February 3, 2021

Staying on track with email ... Goal-minding with Tasks ... Creating contacts from email


Getting into the executive suite

February 3, 2021

Here is an excerpt from my book, Underneath It All. . . Postgraduate Level Revelations Lift Assistants to New Heights, that will help get to the executive suite. With ambition and training, you can climb over the competition.


OneNote (or many?)

February 3, 2021

Restricting access in OneNote notebooks ... The best way to support multiple people with OneNote


Technical certifications to boost your career

February 3, 2021

Technical certifications can shorten the discussion about your proficiency in the tools you’ll be using on the job. Here are some popular ones that will raise your profile in the workplace.

Personal Development

Ask the veteran: Will I be judged for calling out during icy weather?

February 3, 2021

Question: Unlike most people in my office, I’m really skittish about coming to work in snowy or icy weather. I’d feel inadequate and judged if I ever called out when others have not, but I get a pit in my stomach when I see the streets becoming slippery and dangerous. What should I do?

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When there’s not enough work … and you’re going crazy!

For a busy professional, it can be rare—and a huge relief—when the stars align and a lighter workday affords you some breathing room. But too much breathing room can be its own problem.

1-Minute Strategy:

Who’s your boss? Find out before you sign on

When you're interviewing for jobs, you might find yourself talking only to an HR rep or other hiring manager who won't be directly supervising you. But don't accept a position without speaking directly to the person you'll be working under. It's too great a gamble to not meet everyone who will have such an influence over your days.

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