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Keep your cool at work: Don’t blow it—deal with it

August 5, 2020

Remember that you can easily blow your career by losing your cool at work. So, predetermine what might cause such incidents and identify ways to deal with them civilly and compassionately.

Personal Development

Ask the veteran: Should I keep dressing better than my boss?

August 5, 2020

Question: “I find myself in the rather awkward position of being a much better dresser than my executive. Should I, as an admin three career rungs below her, make an effort to dial my own uber-professional wardrobe down a notch?”


Need to write your own recommendation? Here’s how

August 5, 2020

It seems like a cop-out when a supervisor tells you they’ll be happy to give you a recommendation letter, but they don’t want to actually write it. This leaves you in the awkward position of praising yourself in the third person! These tips will help you power through this awkward task.

Personal Development

1-Minute Strategies: September ’20

August 5, 2020

How does it strike you when someone says “What?” right after you’ve said something? ... Why is Michelin associated with both tires and restaurants? ... When did the Leaning Tower start leaning? ... The strange life of Robert Chesebrough


Vary your speed when proofreading

July 22, 2020

You can catch more typos, ungrammatical sentences, and so on in your writing by varying the speed at which you read the text. Try reading both faster and slower than your normal reading speed. Here are two techniques.

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3 leadership myths

July 2, 2020

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Stay ever-present when working remotely

Do you worry that if you’re away from the office and mixing face to face with colleagues for too long, they’ll simply forget how important you are? There are ways to keep injecting your presence even from far away.

1-Minute Strategy:

Too persuadable? Stick to email

If you're always punishing yourself for saying "yes" too often, look at the situations where it happens. Meetings and phone calls are more likely to cause you to commit to something—you naturally lose some control of the conversation and are forced to think on your feet, causing hasty answers. Email, on the other hand, gives you far more power. You can answer at your own pace and think far more deliberately about the topic or request at hand.

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