Personal Development

3 tech areas to master in 2021

June 2, 2021

As we enter a new world of work where technology plays such an important role, and many of our co-workers log in remotely quite often, the skills we need to thrive have changed. There are three tech areas in which we can excel right now.

Personal Development

OneNote tips: Tags, links and intineraries

June 2, 2021

OneNote tags ... Links for a OneNote TOC ... Itinerary tips for OneNote

Managing the Boss

Master executive support

June 2, 2021

It truly is a special skill to support and partner with an executive. It is not an easy role, and it is not for the faint hearted. It takes grit, resiliency, street smarts, tenacity and agility.


Welcome to the age of the ambivert

June 2, 2021

Do you consider yourself an extrovert? An introvert? Do you think that an introvert can be a successful leader? The assumption is usually that leaders are more often extroverts—at least the successful ones. Recent research has suggested that introverts, with their higher capacity for empathy and thoughtfulness, actually make better leaders.


Leverage controversy in decision making

June 2, 2021

If a decision is important and risky, it should be controversial. Every organization needs a healthy atmosphere for dissent if it wants innovation and commitment.

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For a busy professional, it can be rare—and a huge relief—when the stars align and a lighter workday affords you some breathing room. But too much breathing room can be its own problem.

1-Minute Strategy:

Sell a meeting any way you can

Few people get excited when they see yet another meeting invitation float into their inbox. To intrigue and entice them a little, give the meeting a title. A title suggests that a real narrative may emerge and reminds people in a subtle way to stay focused on the topic. Make it funny, make it dramatic ... just make it seem like you care enough about the meeting to brand it.

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