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‘Quick, hand me a … skin covering device!’

January 2, 2020

Many purists might cling to the rule that if you’re not using Band-Aid brand bandages, then don’t call them Band-Aids. But there are many everyday items that are better known for their brand names rather than their generic names.

Managing the Boss

Create a travel profile for your executive

January 2, 2020

Let’s start 2020 off with a bang by giving you some useful advice to help you better plan your executive’s travel.

Managing the Boss

The delayers who are driving you nuts

January 2, 2020

There are all sorts of reasons delays can occur, and sometimes it’s the behavior of your leader. Authors Amy Cooper Hakim and Muriel Solomon describe four types of delaying bosses.


The rules of the meeting icebreaker

January 2, 2020

Next to brainstorming and teambuilding, it may be the most dreaded compound word in a professional setting. But provided they can be kept from being too stressful or aggressive or lengthy or hokey, they really do work for helping people get to know each other.

Difficult People

How to tell if they’re lying to you

January 2, 2020

A study published in the journal Discourse Processes identified common signs that someone is lying through observations of an experiment where participants were instructed to lie blatantly, lie by omission or tell the truth.

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How to give thoughtful advice

Giving thoughtful advice is a skill. It can be learned, honed and improved throughout our careers and our lives. Here are some tips.

1-Minute Strategy:

What’s your Strife Number?

Sit down right now and think of how many people you work with who you genuinely dislike. Calculate that number as a percentage of everyone you have regular contact with in the office. There’s your Strife Number (because you can never have too many silly artificial metrics in life). If the number is 30 or higher, it could either be a sign of an unhealthy level of intolerance for the quirks of others, or a hint that you’re in for a long road of stress with a group you just don’t meld with.

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