Taking care of you

July 7, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

As an assistant you can easily get burned out. You may not realize it until you are too tired, frustrated or agitated, or lose your temper. You must learn to take care of yourself.
Here’s how to avoid becoming a victim of a ransomware attack.
Question: I have trouble staying on task for very long if it’s repetitive or boring. I allow myself to get distracted so easily! How do you deal with this?
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As we enter a new world of work where technology plays such an important role, and many of our co-workers log in remotely quite often, the skills we need to thrive have changed. There are three tech areas in which we can excel right now.
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Evolving need for ‘techie admins’

June 2, 2021 Categorized in: Advancement

Administrative professionals often have a unique perspective of the roles everyone plays and the types of information that flows between them, in and outside of the company. This viewpoint, bolstered by some additional tech skills, makes the admin a strategic partner to their leaders’ success and not just a “task doer.”
Question: With my director’s guidance, I manage our vendor contracts—including new SOWs, the PO issuance process, vendor invoicing and a department budget for vendors. This never ends, so isn’t this still considered a “project”?
At Admin Pro Forum 2021, our online conference held each spring, four of our featured presenters responded to your questions about dealing with—and destigmatizing—severe workplace stress.
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Question: How do you draw out a truly shy employee who seems hesitant to even make eye contact, much less engage in a morning hello or real conversation?
An admin wrote in with this tip to quiet the world … If you don’t know, don’t pretend … Stop apologizing to yourself about the staycation
Increasing productivity and mastering keyboard shortcuts walk hand in hand. The education company known as Brainscape has even created a formula to reveal how much time people lose while working on the computer without them—64 hours per year! Here are a variety of keyboard tricks that can help you save valuable time.