Under pressure from inflation and a potentially weakening economy, many corporate executives are cutting jobs to reduce costs. If your company seems tempted to reduce its corps of EAs and AAs, show them a 2011 article from the Harvard Business Review that directly argues against such a move.

Change the view in Gmail

January 5, 2023 Categorized in: Personal Development

Every time Google changes its default view, the most popular question asked is, “How do I change it back?” All you need to do is click on the settings gear.
One of the arguments for Excel over Google Sheets has been the amount of data that can be included in a worksheet. What you might not know is that the capacity of Google Sheets has expanded.
Have you heard others say, “I wish I had a mentor when I started out. I was practically thrown to the wolves”? There are many traits to a good assistant, but to be exemplary, you need to possess the will to learn and soak up all the knowledge from others who have “been there, done that.” One day you just might have big shoes to fill.

Tech toolbox tune-up

January 5, 2023 Categorized in: Personal Development

The landscape of tech has changed dramatically for the administrative professions. It has been driven by staffing reductions, automation of simpler tasks and the explosive progress of data availability. While tech skills aren’t the only, or even perhaps the most important, it’s virtually impossible to be successful in this career field without them.
The job market for office workers deteriorated somewhat in November but was still growing, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
Many of our offices are accustomed to using Slack for handy internal communications, especially for group chats with colleagues or to post a little cheeseburger emoji indicating that, yes, you guessed it, I’m out to lunch. Now Slack is offering an external option that promises to deliver a secure messaging experience with your suppliers, contractors, associations and customers.
Self-leadership is the practice of understanding who you are, identifying your desired experiences and intentionally guiding yourself toward them. Leaders worth following and people who are worth emulating are people who have mastered self-leadership.

Salaries forecast to rise in 2023

January 5, 2023 Categorized in: Salary

While many savvy employers now offer higher salaries to attract and retain talent, they should still expect pay raise requests ahead for 2023. That’s according to a Robert Half survey of 1,000 U.S. workers and 1,500 hiring managers conducted between June and July 2022.
Overheard from a physical therapist … Try a daily checklist of tasks … Searching for a new admin position?

Curing burnout once and for all

December 15, 2022 Categorized in: Work/Life Balance

Discovering how to get a better match between what your job requires of you and the tools you have to complete your duties can cure burnout, writes Christina Maslach, a retired professor of psychology at U.C. Berkeley and the co-author of a new best-seller, The Burnout Challenge: Managing People’s Relationships with Their Jobs.
While the massive tech layoffs have left many admins without a job, there’s a strong case to be made that executive assistants are more vital than ever to an organization’s success.
A survey of more than 3,000 employees and employers by WorkForce Software found that the perception gap is narrowing between how managers and workers view the quality of their work environment.