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Word: Saving tables as Quick Parts

May 4, 2022 Categorized in: Word

If you’ve spent a great deal of time crafting a table in Word to look exactly the way you want it and plan to use that table again, you can easily recreate it in any document with Quick Parts.
Can you have a video of the speaker on a slide? … I want to use a video in my presentation but record my own audio. Is that possible?

Managing change dynamically in Word

April 6, 2022 Categorized in: Word

Q. Inevitably, I end up with pages with too much white space at the bottom or diagrams separated from their text. Is there an easy way to get things to fit on pages without using hard page breaks?
Exporting Google Calendar data, and your own and others’ Outlook calendar data.

Excel: Wrangling rogue dates

March 2, 2022 Categorized in: Excel

Q. In a spreadsheet with a date column, some dates look fine, but others are left-justified for some reason. What might be causing this and how do I fix it?
Q. Other than marking particular senders with Block Sender in the junk mail settings, is there an easy way to get rid of a lot of junk mail all at once from anyone using that domain?

PowerPoint: No more font conversions

January 5, 2022 Categorized in: PowerPoint

Do you use specific fonts for branding? After others contribute to the presentation, do you notice that your custom fonts have been converted back to standard ones? Here’s how to solve this problem.
You may know the annoyance of typing (c) and getting ©. Whether this happens in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook, you can fix this in one place and have it work everywhere.

Excel: Get rid of those green error triangles

January 5, 2022 Categorized in: Excel

Sometimes Excel tries to help, but it’s not helpful. For example, if you have numbers stored as text strings (preceded by an ‘), Excel will try to warn you about that. If the warning is unnecessary because you intended this, you can easily turn off those annoying green triangles.
Q. How can viewers of my PowerPoint presentation get to different places in the presentation and back to a main screen?
A new way to use Favorites … Quick Steps: Beyond Move to Folder … Give templates a try

Use OneNote for calls to action

November 3, 2021 Categorized in: Outlook

If you’ve got OneNote Windows 10 or OneNote Desktop (2016), you should see a OneNote icon in Outlook, on the Home tab, in the Move group in the ribbon. Click it to select the notebook, section and page on which you want it to appear.

Using different currencies in Excel

November 3, 2021 Categorized in: Excel

Q. My settings in Excel always give me $ signs for currency, but I often have to work in £ and €. Is there an easy one-click way to change the currency symbols?