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Inside Google Drive

March 4, 2019 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

What do you know about Google Drive? There are quite a few features that make it a great place for files, whether you want to share your thoughts or the editing load with others or prefer to keep it all to yourself.

Is Google+ really gone?

January 7, 2019 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

Google’s tepid entry into establishing a new social media platform fell short of expectations. The question now is what this means for Google+ users.

What’s new in G Suite?

December 3, 2018 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

Google is releasing new functionality all the time for G Suite. Here are some gems from the last few months.

Dealing with duplicates in Sheets

October 1, 2018 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

Most tools and functions that you can use in Microsoft Excel are also in Google Sheets. However, Excel has some robust tools to handle duplicate data. Until Sheets catches up, should its architecture allow it, there are some workarounds.
Animation in presentations should always serve a purpose. Let’s look at the scenarios and how animation can be applied to make your message clearer while presenting.
When you’re crafting a large document, switching around to different windows to apply content you’ve already collected or new research and images from the web can be cumbersome and frustrating. Using the Explore panel in the Google Docs app can make this process much simpler.
Spent any time Googling how to sort your email messages in Gmail? Pretty frustrating, right? Here are several ways to find the needles in the Gmail haystack.
Do you have the responsibility to impart knowledge to your co-workers? Would you like an easy way to do it? Try Google’s Classroom app.
You know the frustration of incorporating a new logo into presentation decks with dozens of slides. Chances are you can cut your work exponentially by taking advantage of the master in Google Slides.

How do I do that in Sheets?

January 3, 2018 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

If you’ve recently made the transition from Microsoft Office to Google Sheets, you might think you’re missing some treasured features. You just need to know where to look and perhaps a few differences in how they work.
Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal translator wherever you go? Well, you do! Google Translate allows you to translate words and phrases, and even upload whole documents for translation.

Keep vs. OneNote vs. Evernote

October 2, 2017 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

Depending on how deeply you or your organization is entrenched in Microsoft or Google technology, you will look to different types of note-taking apps to meet your needs. Let’s review and compare three popular (or soon-to-be popular) offerings.

Voice typing in Google Docs

September 6, 2017 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

The Docs app in Google Drive allows you to “type” a document with your voice. This can come in handy when you want to create a document with instructions on how to do something, while you are doing the thing the document is about. It is often so much easier to describe the steps while you are doing them.