Time Management

Your boss does it one way, and you think another way would work better. Before speaking up, study this five-step strategy for putting your ideas across the right way … even to the most stubborn boss.
Want to step up your productivity by 25 percent? Simply forgive someone—the boss, a co-worker, a friend—for whatever “evil” he or she has done you.
Your reputation remains your best argument for persuading the boss to alter your work schedule or sometimes allow you to work from home.
Derail distractions for even an hour and you’ll learn a new skill, or chug through an assignment, much faster. Here’s how.
If most interaction with your manager transpires over e-mail or phone, make sure those rare face-to-face contacts pay off. Here are 5 ways to make it happen
Neglecting to periodically purge files and reorder your data can severely limit your hard drive’s life span and slow down your computer. Here are two ways to clear the digital cobwebs and restore order.

Format type faster with these shortcuts

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Speed text changes with the following keyboard shortcuts after you highlight the text:
When trivial tasks stand like a mountain between you and important assignments, check whether one of these tactics will allow you to plow through them quicker…
An employee from another department who’s willing to pitch in when you need extra help seems like a gift. Just take these steps to avoid stirring conflict or a turf war among the offices
Using the computer toolbar again and again to pull down the same functions is monotonous and stifles productivity. Ursula Faix, of Sarasota, Fla., offers her time-saving strategies of bypassing drop-down menus so “every command I need is one click away. For me, the most important time-saving technique in Microsoft Word and Excel is to customize the toolbars,” she says.