Time Management

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Manage your “invisible résumé” by rewriting the sections you don’t like … Perfected your bragalogue yet? Communications coach Peggy Klaus swears by this self-promotion tool … Avoid this grammar misstep … Make your LinkedIn invitations stand out … Convince yourself of the power of checklists by reading The Checklist Manifesto.

Where does all the time go?

March 9, 2010 Categorized in: InternetTime Management

According to a 2007 survey from Salary.com, Americans waste about 20% of their time at work. And a chunk of that wasted time comes from surfing the Internet. One journalist writer, in a quest to find out where her time was going, tried out four online services that track productivity. Here’s what she learned from that experience.

Run your next meeting like Google

February 5, 2010 Categorized in: MeetingsTime Management

As an admin, you may be tasked with helping to set agendas, scheduling and taking minutes. But how much power do you have to keep meetings productive? Plenty. Look for clues in the way meetings work at Google. You may find that not all of these tips are replicable at your office, but it’s a place to start.

10 quick tips for BlackBerry users

January 8, 2010 Categorized in: Time Management

Are you maximizing all that your BlackBerry offers to simplify your life? Here are 10 shortcuts: 1. Create the @ symbol and the dot when typing e-mail addresses by clicking the space bar. 2. To end a sentence with a period and a space and then capitalize the next word, click the space bar twice at the end of a sentence. 3. Capitalize a letter by holding it down …

3 tips to help you stay on task

January 8, 2010 Categorized in: Time Management

Regardless of which time-management method you use, you can keep control over your day and your time with these tips:

No time? Reassess daily rituals

January 7, 2010 Categorized in: OrganizingTime Management

When your job is to keep things from falling through the cracks, a good time-management system can serve as a tightly woven net. Sue Shellenbarger, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, recently took the most widely used systems for a test drive, trying each one for a week. Here’s what she learned:
Hold a shorter, more effective meeting by remembering the three purposes for having a meeting in the first place: to inform, to gather input or to ask for approval … Read faster using this technique developed by reading expert J. Michael Bennett: rhythmic perusal … Try this remedy for a foul-mouthed boss …

Stick to your resolve

December 3, 2009 Categorized in: Personal DevelopmentTime Management

Keep those beginning-of-the-year resolutions with these tactics from organizing guru FranklinCovey:
What makes the difference between productive workers and those who simply think they’re productive? Doing vs. talking. Here are four quick tips on how to set yourself up for action: 1. Jolt yourself into action by trying something. 2. Prototype your ideas. 3. Replace update meetings with "huddles." 4. Create testaments to progress.

2 cool tricks for smartphones

December 3, 2009 Categorized in: Time Management

Here are two ways to use smartphones to make daily tasks easier: 1. Track your expenses with an iPhone application from Shoeboxed. 2. Map your way. Move over, TomTom. Phone-based navigation systems are becoming more popular, says Forrester Research.
If you find it hard to keep up with Facebook, Twitter and other social-media tools, you’ll love this idea for a New Year’s resolution: Stop trying to keep up with social technology. Alexandra Samuel, CEO of Social Signal, says you could spend half your life trying to figure out the latest, greatest tool—so don’t even bother trying. To refocus your relationships:

3 ‘best’ online tools

November 6, 2009 Categorized in: InternetTime Management

Here are three great tools for creating to-do lists, collaborating on documents online, and viewing and modifying PDFs: 1. Best for tracking tasks: Doomi. 2. Best for word processing: Zoho Writer. 3. Best for viewing PDFs: Foxit Reader.

Google’s 7 hottest tools

November 6, 2009 Categorized in: InternetTime Management

Have you tried these seven hot tools from Google? 1. Sidewiki. 2. Fast Flip. 3. Google Wave. 4. Google News Timeline. 5. Wonder Wheel. 6. Google Squared. 7. Flu Trends.
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