Problem Solving

Do you want a brainstorming session to generate one great idea or several above-average ones? A new study looked at two models: 1. Assembling a group of people and having them come up with product ideas. 2. Asking individuals to work on ideas by themselves before sharing their thinking. Who came up with better ideas?
Glean ideas from One Hour Parties (, a service that delivers inventive, affordable parties, such as Cookie Decorating Party and Chinese New Year.
Kate believes the meeting is a huge waste of time because colleagues always ramble on when it’s their turn to speak, and there’s no real structure to the gathering. At this point, says family and divorce lawyer-mediator Laurie Puhn, Kate can handle this situation in two ways. One is a communication blunder; the other a communication wonder.

Recruiting skilled admins

October 2, 2008 Categorized in: Problem SolvingSupervising

Snagging the best admins today means going beyond your local paper’s classified ads. More than half of employers find it challenging to recruit skilled professionals because of a lack of qualified staff and the higher cost of recruiting, reports a recent survey.
If you want people to change their behavior, tell them what you want, rather than what you don’t want …

Prepare for disaster before it hits

September 5, 2008 Categorized in: OrganizingProblem Solving

Business owners often learn that they weren’t adequately prepared for floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Admins can help disaster-proof the workplace with these tips
If your boss micromanages and drives you crazy, forge a stronger relationship with him or her. For example, practice the "art" of communication, says Harry E. Chambers, author of My Way or the Highway—the Micromanagement Survival Guide. “Show that you’re in motion on priority projects by communicating in three specific terms: awareness, reassurance and timelines."

Prepping for an emergency

May 1, 2007 Categorized in: OrganizingProblem Solving

It’s always best to plan ahead. Here’s a list of useful Web sites in the event of a flu pandemic, which could knock out as much as 40 percent of the work force.
One in five people admits to lying at work at least once a week. That’s according to a survey. Why do they lie?
The reason Taco Bell’s admin team came up with its “Team of Two” training program is clear when you listen to admin Karen Walters describe managers in her building. “There were a few managers in the group who maybe weren’t using admins to their greatest capabilities,” explains Walters. “In their defense, they didn’t have a good model.” So the admin team decided to give them one…

Nine double-click tricks for Word

March 1, 2006 Categorized in: Problem SolvingWord

You probably already know about double-clicking in Word to select a word or paragraph. But did you know about these double-click tricks for getting through your work faster?
Problem: "I’m in charge of turning on the dishwasher each night before leaving. To some, this translates to my also being in charge of cleaning up after everyone. Several memos have been distributed … but have not been successful. Any ideas? I’m tired of being known as the office maid. My name is not Hazel!"
You may not realize it, says executive coach Jenni Prisk, but your boss might love to have you as his or her mentor.