Tried Twitter but find the deluge of information-sharing too much to manage? If that sounds like you, these web sites and services can help you manage the chatter and enrich your communication:
The true superheroes at work are those who work reasonable hours and manage their workloads like pros; get away from the office to recharge, then come back energized and creative; and don’t make careless mistakes because they’re tired and overworked. The first step to managing your workload is handling the interruptions that derail your day. Here’s how:

2 reasons to write it down

October 8, 2009 Categorized in: Organizing

List-makers know: The act of compiling to-do’s can help organize your mind. Two ways to use a task list: as a stress reliever and as a calendar.
Your morning is completely planned, with top priorities penned on your to-do list, when a boss derails everything with two additional, hefty tasks that he needs “ASAP.” Doesn’t he realize there’s only so much you can do? Here’s a calendar-planning tactic that will let the boss know where you spend your time and help you better manage your schedule.
Wrangle all your to-do lists into order with these four online tools: Springpad,, and the Things application:
Size matters when it comes to planning events. For smaller events, you can go solo. But for larger ones, it takes a committee, a nod from management and a zinger of a spreadsheet for keeping tasks and timelines on track. To help you track the details, try this sample checklist below adapted from Midwest Meetings:
Make Adobe Reader remember where you left off, as well as your selected zoom and pan settings … Improve daily planning by being specific on your to-do list … Expect a VIP visitor at the office? Use this tactic from Darienne Page, receptionist for President Obama’s Oval Office …
Company size isn’t important when it comes to saving money in little ways. Here are five practical ways to watch those workplace pennies: 1. Reduce delivery fees. 2. Cut overnight shipping. 3. Look for group discounts. 4. Turn off the lights. 5. Consolidate your suppliers …

Meeting scheduling made easy

July 1, 2009 Categorized in: MeetingsOrganizingPowerPoint

With more than 200 other administrative assistants in her building, Ilja Kraag sees admins working away in their “own little boxes,” independently figuring out how to tackle tasks that an admin at the next desk may have mastered long ago. So she decided to share some of her “best practices,” especially for common tasks, such as scheduling meetings.

Everything is urgent!

July 1, 2009 Categorized in: OrganizingTime Management

Here’s some help on setting priorities when more than one person is clamoring for your attention “yesterday”:

Whittle down scheduling time

June 5, 2009 Categorized in: MeetingsOrganizing

Two online tools to help you manage schedules when everyone isn’t on the same calendar system: Meeting Agent and Shiftboard.
Chip away at a paper pile by first flipping the stack upside down, so the oldest material is on top. It’s easier to toss out old things. Break down a large pile into one-inch piles. Attack the first one-inch pile by reviewing each piece and asking these four questions:
You’ve tried sending out memos, putting up posters and issuing gentle reminders, but nothing keeps employees from leaving their extra papers behind at the copier. You feel like a den mother, constantly cleaning up after everyone. What’s the best way to get people to change their habits? Change their environment.