Managing the Boss

Do you have a great idea but can’t overcome a "problem" your boss sees with it?
If most interaction with your manager transpires over e-mail or phone, make sure those rare face-to-face contacts pay off. Here are 5 ways to make it happen
It may not appear in your job description, but making the boss look good—and even protecting him or her from the slings and arrows of everyday business—has to rank up there with your most important “unspoken” duties, right? (Otherwise, what happens to you when the boss goes down in flames?)
Organizing your boss isn’t impossible; just don’t expect to arrange the work space as you would for yourself, says professional organizer Dorothy Breininger. Here are 4 tips to make it happen.
Sorting through files can seem like an archeological dig. Every time someone new comes in, that person doesn’t understand the previous system and builds a new set of files—electronic and paper—on top. 
Speaking up about an unhappy situation at work could be the best thing you do, for the boss, the team and yourself. Good bosses reward positive role models, dole out praise, promotions and choice assignments to individuals who contribute to a supportive work environment.
Here’s how to prevent your boss’s presentation from being memorable only because of equipment problems.
Busy bosses expect you to read their minds. They rush from appointment to appointment and rarely find time to tell you what you need to know.
Disagree with the boss? Some managers say they can’t do it. Some won’t. Some wish they could. And some say it’s not necessary. But in our experience, the boss isn’t always right—and sometimes needs feedback to tell him so.
If the worst part of your job is your boss—someone who pits staff members against one another, steals credit and doesn’t support you—take this advice from the career experts at Bernard Haldane Associates…

Estimate appointment delays.

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What to do when your boss is late.
It sounds like mission impossible: ensuring that your boss has time for priority work and that he or she never arrives late for a meeting. But you wield much more control than entering appointments on a calendar and reminding the boss what’s coming on the schedule. Help the days flow smoothly by building and managing the calendar better. Here’s how…
Feel like your ideas are falling on deaf ears? Maybe it’s your sales pitch, not the proposal. Focus your “pitch” with these tactics: