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Facebook’s Graph Search a powerhouse

December 16, 2013 Categorized in: AdvancementInternet

To help you extend your outreach and pump up your connections, try these tips for using Graph Search for networking from Joshua Waldman, author of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies.

Make Dropbox even better

December 13, 2013 Categorized in: InternetOrganizing

By providing a secure place to upload and share files anywhere, Dropbox can help boost productivity both in the office and on the go. What some people don’t know is that there’s also a way for other people to upload files into it.

Windows XP support ends

November 15, 2013 Categorized in: Internet

Companies and individuals who use Windows XP should consider migrating to another platform, Dave Johnson writes.

It’s all about Excel

November 7, 2013 Categorized in: Excel

How is the new Excel Sumlfs different from SumIf, and how do you dissect a formula to troubleshoot?

How to protect online passwords

October 24, 2013 Categorized in: Internet

The safety of your online resources and your privacy comes down to one thing: your passwords. Make sure your passwords are protected with these tips from tech writer Denise Lu.

Guide to the new 3 MS Office versions

September 6, 2013 Categorized in: Internet

If you’re confused by the three versions of Microsoft Office that are available this year, technology editor Dave Johnson has a simple explanation of each to help you out.

5 tips for safer passwords

August 21, 2013 Categorized in: Internet

Keeping passwords secure is step one toward making sure you’re not a victim of cybercrime, according to security firm Sophos.

Create a color legend in Excel

August 16, 2013 Categorized in: Excel

Q. I’d like to provide a “legend” so people know what the different Conditional Formatting colors mean in Excel. How can I do this?

4 apps help iPad heavy work

August 13, 2013 Categorized in: InternetOrganizing

iPads are great for consuming content, but less so for doing any real heavy work. Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walter Mossberg suggests four of the best applications that can help.
Q. I’m creating a OneNote for an event and want to share it with people, but I don’t think they all have OneNote. Will they be able to work with it?

Google Chrome extensions to try

July 16, 2013 Categorized in: InternetOrganizing

With the help of a few extensions, you can transform Google Chrome from a mere search engine into a productivity powerhouse, writes Trevor Dobrygoski, who recommends these five.

3 crafty uses for reverse image search

July 12, 2013 Categorized in: Internet

Google Images allows you to drop in a picture to search for similar images and learn more about the contents of your original. Thorin Klosowski offers three smart ways to use this function.
Try taking some valuable career lessons from “Mad Men” … Change a typo in that PDF … Find the power in refusing to say “I’m sorry” … Use prepaid cards to keep tabs on employee spending.
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