Coupons without clipping

October 8, 2009 Categorized in: InternetPurchasing

Mobile coupons—text messages with discount codes sent to a cell phone—have become the latest time- and tree-friendly way to save money. No clipping and saving necessary. Sign up for good deals by subscribing to one of these mobile-coupon aggregators:
Learn what’s key to your organization’s success by asking your boss, “What keeps you up at night?” … Devote 18 minutes a day to time management … Snag a cheap, last-minute air fare by turning to Twitter … Confront an awkward situation without having to say anything … Help a lost smartphone find its way home.
Company size isn’t important when it comes to saving money in little ways. Here are five practical ways to watch those workplace pennies: 1. Reduce delivery fees. 2. Cut overnight shipping. 3. Look for group discounts. 4. Turn off the lights. 5. Consolidate your suppliers …
As many companies cut back on expenses and, in some instances, cut staff, how do you maintain your edge and ask for what your department needs without immediately seeing your request denied? Tell a tale, become a storyteller and see your words make an impact.

Frugal shoppers reshape grocery list

April 2, 2009 Categorized in: Purchasing

As part of the Frugal Family Challenge, Food Network Magazine paired Maile Carpenter with a family of four from Hoboken, N.J., to help them spend less on groceries. Here’s how the family is keeping their grocery bill low:
Cut back on workday spending … Keep your mind primed for work by clearing away the cobwebs … Know the right way to vent to relieve stress … Think “ABB” or “always be briefing” … Uncover wasteful spending with creative thinking.
The trouble with that New Year’s resolution to declutter your desk is that it didn’t stick. It’s back to its old cluttered self. “You want to create new habits that last more than a week,” personal coach Miranda Kennet says. Five habits worth adopting:
Create a cheat sheet for emergencies and leave it on your desk … Monitor spending with online tools … Reach out to someone who has been laid off … Be a valuable connection from the moment you invite someone into your LinkedIn network.
Cost-cutting is the name of the game during tough economic times. One of the best cost-cutting strategies is to reduce waste—it frees up cash and generates measurable environmental benefits. Here are several paper-saving strategies that will make you look like the office hero.

5 ‘tweaks’ to ask your shipper

December 31, 2008 Categorized in: Purchasing

Scope out your shipping-fee statement for potential cost savings. Here are five questions to ask your carrier.
According to PC World magazine, thrifty web sites are getting more attention (and site traffic) than ever before. Click on any of the sites listed here for good advice on saving money and guarding your finances.

What should you give to board members?

December 5, 2008 Categorized in: Purchasing

One admin directed this question to peers on our online forum, hoping to find top-notch suggestions to fit a tight budget (www.businessmanagementdaily.com/APF). Here are a few creative responses.

Smarter holiday e-shopping

October 2, 2008 Categorized in: PurchasingTime Management

Before you fire up the Net and begin your holiday spending spree, follow these tips from financial web site “The Motley Fool” (www.fool.com) for saving money during the nation’s biggest shopping season …