Become an effective networker even if you’re an introvert, writes Devora Zack, author of Networking for People Who Hate Networking … Know when to use—and when to skip—skycaps while traveling … Track your personal spending with two free online tools … Give your “audience”—the people around you—a new, great story.

Coming soon: a smooth street view

September 29, 2010 Categorized in: InternetTravel

Microsoft is working on a new technology, dubbed Street Slide. And from the looks of the demo, it would revolutionize online maps. The new technology allows users to “slide” along a street—rather than jump from snapshot to snapshot, as in Google Street View.

Apps to make travel easier

August 3, 2010 Categorized in: InternetTravel

Here are’s top 5 free travel apps to make travel smoother (available on any smartphone with a data plan):

Travel sites

June 17, 2010 Categorized in: Travel

Check luggage limits and pinpoint other travel details with these two helpful web sites: and

It’s ‘Out of Office’ reply season

June 7, 2010 Categorized in: OutlookTravel

You’re leaving for vacation, so you dutifully set up the classic “Out of the office, will reply to your message when I get back” e-mail auto-responder. But the auto-reply message doesn’t get rid of the nagging feeling that you’re missing something. Before you go on vacation, set up a custom auto-reply system that will make it easier for you to relax.
Save up to $250 by shipping your luggage via a carrier rather than checking it at the airport … Focus on the most important 10% of words you speak or write, to make them more memorable … Track your company’s competition with, a free tool that monitors specific web pages.

Picking the right hotel room

June 1, 2010 Categorized in: Travel

Select the right hotel room for business travelers with the help of these online tools, named as some of the best by Travel + Leisure magazine:, and

Calm those travel fears

May 27, 2010 Categorized in: Travel

Fear of flying is common; as many as one in five people suffer from some form of aviophobia. If you or your boss must fly for business, this news should help calm your fears:

Travel toolbox: 7 sites to bookmark

April 20, 2010 Categorized in: InternetTravel

Here are seven sites that every globe-trotter (or her assistant) should bookmark, according to Travel + Leisure:,,, Travel.State.Gov,, and

Click before you fly

March 9, 2010 Categorized in: InternetOrganizingTravel

Before planning air travel, check these web sites:, and

Keep trips organized with online help

January 8, 2010 Categorized in: OrganizingTravel

Help travelers organize all their information tidbits with these slick online tools: GliiderTravelMuse NileGuideTrekaroo.

Goodbye, lost luggage

January 8, 2010 Categorized in: Travel

As business travel picks up, try incorporating this savvy tip to make trips hassle-free: Ship your luggage via FedEx ahead of time, using three-day service or ground. CBS travel editor Peter Greenberg says he hasn’t checked luggage on domestic flights in nearly nine years—even before airlines began charging to check bags.

Travel web sites save time, money

September 3, 2009 Categorized in: InternetTime ManagementTravel

Delays, cramped seats, rundown hotel rooms—who needs ’em? Here are five web sites that can help you plan a trouble-free trip:,,,,