Kate believes the meeting is a huge waste of time because colleagues always ramble on when it’s their turn to speak, and there’s no real structure to the gathering. At this point, says family and divorce lawyer-mediator Laurie Puhn, Kate can handle this situation in two ways. One is a communication blunder; the other a communication wonder.
“I work with a constant complainer. And now, other admins have started to join in. How am I, as the team leader, supposed to put a stop to it?” Hold a gripe session, providing a forum for negative employees to vent.

Nitty-gritty minute-taking

October 6, 2008 Categorized in: MeetingsTaking Minutes

“I hate taking minutes. What do I write down? How do I know what’s important?” Streamline your minute-taking by recording notes as bullet points. Distill any conversation down to its essentials.
Even if you’re not the person’s manager, you can gently coach a “difficult” co-worker toward positive behavior. Try taking the employoee aside after a meeting and follow these steps.

Kick up your meetings

October 6, 2008 Categorized in: Meetings

Respondents in Britain deemed cookies more important than lighting, technology and artwork in a boardroom.

The icebreaker: ‘Hi, my name is …’

October 6, 2008 Categorized in: MeetingsTeamwork

Break the ice with this activity, geared toward a group of 20 or more, taken from Quick Meeting Openers for Busy Managers by Brian Cole Miller. The goal isn’t a “meet and greet,” but for everyone to really get to know a few new people.
As baby boomers prepare to retire, offices are left to figure out: “How do we make sure all their know-how and institutional memory are left behind?” Here are a few tips for capturing admin knowledge before it walks out the door, and making sure it sticks with younger generations …

Take meetings virtual (and low-budget)

October 2, 2008 Categorized in: Meetings

As costs rise, employees are traveling less for business and using more teleconferencing, videoconferencing and online collaboration tools. Fortunately, these top-notch tech tools are now more affordable and user-friendly, making them viable meeting alternatives. Here are two virtual-meeting tools.
Wow clients and others in your network by sending handwritten notes to thank, follow up with or congratulate. Video producer Ellen Barnard says she always sends handwritten notes or flowers to clients, and “they’re left with the impression that I’m really good at what I do.” …

11 ways to liven up a boring meeting

September 9, 2008 Categorized in: Meetings

You are in charge of a committee at work that no one seems to care about. Meeting attendance is lackluster, and those who do come rarely speak up. How can you make people feel more engaged? Try these 11 easy-to-implement strategies.

Show your meeting moxie

September 5, 2008 Categorized in: MeetingsRecognitionTactfully Speaking

Ever notice at meetings how some people effortlessly gather attention and recognition while others struggle even to get noticed? Keeping your nose to the grindstone and working hard isn’t enough in today’s workplace. Smart professionals employ meeting moxie to make themselves memorable. Here’s how.
Imagine sitting in a staff meeting, and every time you offer a suggestion someone looks at you and shakes her head. Or a co-worker consistently “forgets” to invite you to meetings. It may seem trivial, but belittling behavior—or bullying—can take a toll, especially when it occurs over and over again.
Gather everyone in your office—or on your team if you work for a large company—for a quick morning huddle to create a more efficient company culture. Morning meetings work for a lot of companies, according to a recent article in Inc.