“Could I ask you to repeat your name one more time?” Admins who hate asking that question may fear that they come across as incompetent or unprofessional. The truth, though, is that they just want to get it right. Here are top tips from other admins on handling on-the-phone situations.
One reader asks, “Should I write ‘p.m.’ or ‘pm’ or ‘PM’?”
Whether you’re dining with peers at a convention or meeting with a vendor, lunch etiquette can keep you from marring your image with a faux pas. Here are five etiquette rules for business meals, according to Robin Jay, author of The Art of the Business Lunch:
Two abbreviations, “i.e.” and “e.g.,” are often used interchangeably in writing. But they have different meanings.
Your big conference went off without a hitch. In fact, it went so smoothly, your boss might not realize how well you handled everything.

Turn your cell phone into a BlackBerry

September 1, 2007 Categorized in: InternetPhone Skills

You don’t need a BlackBerry or a Smartphone to stay in touch with your e-mail, even when you’re away from your desk. Thanks to three free services, you can monitor updates from important people (i.e., the boss) when you’ve been waylaid, stuck in a long meeting or dashing around on errands.
Is he giving you an honest answer? Is she angrier than she’s telling you? Watch for “tactile signs” to know what someone really feels.
Do you know when water-cooler talk is good-natured (good gossip) and when it crosses the line (bad gossip)? Here’s the test …
Good communication skills are more valuable than knowing PowerPoint inside and out, according to a new survey, in which 67% of human resources managers said they would hire an admin with strong soft skills even if their technical abilities were lacking.

Is it raise or rise?

July 1, 2007 Categorized in: Writing/Editing

“Is it ‘Crop input prices have been raising rapidly’ or ‘Crop input prices have been rising rapidly’?”

Squash the buzzwords

June 1, 2007 Categorized in: Internal Communication

What buzzwords bug you the most? Advertising executives ranked these words as some of the most overused …
Improve rapport with others by thinking of small talk as a picture frame around business conversations.

Welcome new hires

June 1, 2007 Categorized in: Internal CommunicationSupervising

Welcome new hires by taking their pictures and posting them in a high-traffic area.