Nonverbal Communication

Is the punctuation in this sentence correct or incorrect? This is in response to your daughter, Felicia’s enrollment in the XYZ program. An admin recently sent in the question, saying she suspected the single comma was incorrect, but she didn’t know how to write the sentence correctly.
Take this quiz to double-check your business writing skills. Can you spot the grammar and writing errors in the following five sentences?
Q. A question has come up in our office about the use of two spaces after a period between sentences. I was taught in my business and typing courses to use two spaces. Has the protocol changed? Is it now one space?
Using clichés will give readers the impression that they’ve heard it all before. Keep your reader engaged by making your writing as sharp and creative as your spoken conversations. Here are two simple strategies.
When you need to send a message to a group of customers, board members or an entire department, you don’t want your message to become lost in the hundred other messages they receive that day.
Is he giving you an honest answer? Is she angrier than she’s telling you? Watch for “tactile signs” to know what someone really feels.
You’re always sending messages, even as you sit in silence. “Nonverbal cues indicate what is really being said,” says communications expert Debra Hamilton. Here are the gestures and cues you should be aware of.
Remember the “Rule of 12/12/12” to make a good impression on everyone you meet.
Keeping in touch with clients—especially VIPs—requires more than the occasional Hallmark card. That’s why many businesses use custom cards as marketing tools.

Send the right message

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Send the right message with your e-mail sign-off by “mirroring,” says Judith Kallos, creator of .
It’s a common communication in the business world, but it’s often not very polished: the request letter.
Even professional writers sometimes struggle with organizing their thoughts, and find themselves stuck for an opening line. When you’re in the same boat, use one of the techniques the pros use:
The reason Taco Bell’s admin team came up with its “Team of Two” training program is clear when you listen to admin Karen Walters describe managers in her building. “There were a few managers in the group who maybe weren’t using admins to their greatest capabilities,” explains Walters. “In their defense, they didn’t have a good model.” So the admin team decided to give them one…