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Party Favor with PowerPoint

December 18, 2013 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

If you have a treasure trove of photos from the office or work site with which you’d like to create slideshow for your holiday gathering, it’s easy to do in PowerPoint.

Problem Step Recorder

December 10, 2013 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

Did you just do the most amazing thing on your computer, but sure you’ll never remember it again? Try the Problem Step Recorder (PSR) in Windows 7.

Automate Worksheet Views

November 26, 2013 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

If you have a workbook that everyone views a little bit differently, you can automate it, so that everyone just has to click their own button. Even if you are the only one who uses it, but you use it differently for different purposes, this solution would work, too.
If you’ve recently implemented or are thinking about implementing SharePoint in your new Office 365 environment here are a few things that I think are definite improvements.
Say Yes to Archive! When the Archive prompt comes up, just say Yes! You probably don’t realize it, but when Outlook archives an email, it just goes to a separate file structure which is still accessible from the Navigation Pane. This process keeps your Inbox and regular folders clean, neat and current, while still allowing you to easily access your older ones.

The Zip Code Conundrum

September 9, 2013 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

In Excel, when you have a 0-first digit zip code, it usually shows up as only the last four digits. So, take a Massachusetts zip code like 02201. If you just type that into an Excel cell it comes up 2201. You could type an apostrophe in front of it, but then it would appear left justified like all other text. There are several alternatives.
Here is the problem … You are trying to filter using multiple AND and OR criteria in Microsoft Excel or one or more columns in your list have more than 10,000 unique items (think employee numbers, serial numbers, transactions).

Dramatic Slide Backgrounds

August 7, 2013 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

Did you ever see a slide whose background was a photo that took up the whole slide? Perhaps it was washed out like a background with bullet points in the forefront. Or, maybe the photo was the main message and was accompanied by just a few words. It looks slick, but it’s really easy.
With Headers/Footers you get easy Page Numbers. With your document in Print Layout view (default), double click at the top of the page to access the header. Do the same at the bottom of the page to access the footer.

OneNote for Event Collaboration

April 30, 2013 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

It is three days before the event. You are frantically trying to gather attendee lists, catering orders, room arrangements, speaker itineraries, agendas, presentation slides and meeting notes. Some are in documents on your hard drive. Other information is available on a website. Countless documents and notes are in your email inbox, somewhere. Sound familiar? You may have an application already installed on your desktop that can rescue you from all that insanity. It’s called OneNote.
The Navigation Pane, Find/Highlight tool, and Bookmarks will have you manuevering around your text and adding polish to it in no time.
There are some powerful math features in Excel that can help you with your date data. First, let’s take a look at how Excel interprets dates …