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Why are my pages breaking in Word?

January 6, 2021 Categorized in: The Office Tech ProWord

Q. Pages are breaking after a topic title, leaving its text on the next page. What am I doing wrong?
Although the majority of office professionals still use Microsoft, Google’s G Suite is picking up some momentum. Between getting used to a new platform and knowing that it’s going to change frequently, how do you make the shift and keep productive?

Mail merge in Gmail

August 4, 2020 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

While many Microsoft Office devotees would turn their heads at Gmail because the mail merge feature isn’t on board “out of the box,” it’s relatively easy to add this functionality to Gmail for free!
Here are some ways to produce handouts from Slides that give you the flexibility to create a value-added resource in a handout.
If your introduction to Google Docs was in college, you might not know of all the sophisticated document elements available to you to create professional-looking complex documents.
Reusable filters … Dealing with duplicates … Table style formatting
As organizations began to adopt G Suite, Google’s business platform, few people explored what more was possible on their new business productivity platforms. Here are three simple tips to make you more productive.

Set your sights on Sites

January 26, 2020 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

The new Google Sites interface is much easier to use than the previous one. If you’ve never used it before, you’re coming in at just the right time.

What’s new in Sheets?

November 4, 2019 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

Do you keep up with what’s going on with G Suite? There’s no happy paper-clip guy in G Suite (or even in Microsoft!) anymore. Stay on top of what’s new at, and check out these newer features of Sheets.

Why can’t I do this in Sheets?

October 7, 2019 Categorized in: The Office Tech Pro

Most casual users of Excel will notice very little difference between Excel and Sheets. For those that are a little more advanced, some things that are missing might be frustrating. Here are a few from my experience and their workarounds.
Using infographics and pictures in your Slides presentations is a good way to promote understanding. Many people relate to pictures better than bullet points when it comes to communicating information. Slides provides several options with both photos and diagrams.
Sharing is good, but when document sharing is actually a part of business operations, sharing from a personal drive isn’t the solution. In the G Suite world, the solution is Team Drive.