Using proper project management techniques will help you keep things on track and have eyes on ways to improve your processes. There are a few tech tools you have right in front of you that can help.
In many organizations, administrative professionals are the unofficial, de facto help desk people. People go to you because you’re always doing miracles, seem to be able to figure anything out and get everything done. Here are two techniques you can employ to make the most of the time you spend helping people and reduce the number of repeat performances necessary for a single issue.

6 password wrangling services

June 2, 2022 Categorized in: Organizing

Whether you haven’t yet used a password manager or want to try a different one, this quick list of some of the most reputable password managers might come in handy.
The challenge when people get together on a document is to maintain one voice so that the reader isn’t thrown by changes in tense, point of view, phrasing, word choice, structure and so on. Sometimes it’s even difficult to keep on the same point. Group writing is hard, and the more people involved, the more difficult. Here are some guidelines.

Where did the time go?

March 2, 2022 Categorized in: Time Management

For many admins, the thought of spending as much time analyzing the time it takes to do their work as it does to actually do the work is very frustrating indeed. Fortunately, there are several tech tips in this issue to help.

Make your to-do list more doable

March 2, 2022 Categorized in: Organizing

Try writing only the very next incremental action required to move an assignment forward.
Customize your Teams library … Add cloud storage accounts to Teams Files tab … Add a list to Teams
Many fine managers are good at interfacing with people and coaching them up, but behind their backs, you’ll hear whispers. In his book Project Management for Non-Project Managers, author Jack Ferraro outlines what a good project plan does.
Kronos, the HR and payroll provider, has been hacked, with its private cloud services being held for ransom. Whether or not you are a Kronos client, here are contingency plans you need to make.

Time for your year-end digital cleanup

November 3, 2021 Categorized in: Organizing

Thorin Klosowski gives you seven steps to follow for a good digital cleanup in an article for The New York Times’s “Wirecutter.”
Create an action item list based on an email.

OneNote: What is it good for?

November 3, 2021 Categorized in: OrganizingThe Office Tech Pro

Whether you use OneNote, Evernote or Google Keep, your notetaking app can help you organize your work, collaborate with team members and keep your email inbox tidy. Of the three, OneNote Desktop (2016) is the most fully featured, but many of these uses are viable in any popular notetaking app.
Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are not new concepts. Whether you had a recovery plan or not, you have more clarity around what it might be like to be forced to do business away from the office in an emergency. If you don’t have a disaster recovery program, this is a good time to start collecting data to make one.