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How to push ideas past naysayers

February 7, 2011 Categorized in: Difficult People

Nearly every office has a person who shoots down ideas before they even get off the ground: the naysayer who always pinpoints the reason your idea won’t work. The only way to defeat a naysayer is to be ready for her. Know how to respond to every one of the blockades she puts in your way.
Streamliine email processing by having a single address for your boss and you.
Let your body language broadcast your confidence … Keep track of your “must read” pile with It’s a particularly useful tool for longer-term storage of important articles, and you can access it from any device … On your résumé, list accomplishments, not just job duties.

Can you be a boss and a friend?

January 28, 2011 Categorized in: Supervising

Question: “I’m not sure how to handle my new supervisory position. Before being promoted, I was friends with my former co-workers, so I’m finding it difficult to tell them what to do … I know I have to demonstrate leadership, but I’m afraid this will turn me into an unlikeable person. After all, does anyone really like their boss?” — Nice Guy
Didn’t have the right snappy comeback to a colleague’s subtle put-down or the boss’s accusatory comment? “You have to be able to respond on your feet at work, and I think some people are becoming less adept at it,” says Kathleen Kelley Reardon. Some of her suggestions for comebacks:
Do you often text to communicate with colleagues or the boss? If so, keep your professionalism intact. Business communications trainer Barbara Pachter offers these suggestions for making texting suitable for business:

Evolving rules of politeness

January 14, 2011 Categorized in: Workplace Etiquette

In theory, the word “ma’am” is a courtesy extended to women. But many women say it makes them cringe. In a recent poll by Survey Monkey, only two participants preferred the term “ma’am.” The best course of action? When in doubt, skip the courtesy term altogether.

Brown-nosing done right

January 13, 2011 Categorized in: Managing the Boss

Here’s reassuring news to anyone who loathes a sycophant: According to new research out of Northwestern University and the University of Michigan, overt ingratiation can backfire. The research revealed that there is a wrong way and a right way to suck up. So what does work?
For all the talk of teamwork in corporate America, your co-workers should be oozing with collaboration. Right? Yet that’s often not the case. What do you do about another administrative pro who gives you the cold shoulder? How do you draw more collaboration out of that co-worker?

Boost your odds for a raise: 4 tactics

January 7, 2011 Categorized in: NegotiatingSalary

If you’ve made it this far into the worst economy in decades without experiencing a layoff, chances are you’re out of the woods. Most economists agree that while businesses won’t be hiring much this year, they also won’t be firing much. Could this be the time to ask for a raise?

How’s your company culture?

December 31, 2010 Categorized in: Internal CommunicationTeamwork

According to a recent Randstad survey, finding a fit with a company’s culture is essential. The survey reveals that 35% of employees report company culture has the greatest impact on morale, while 22% believe it has a major effect on productivity. So, what kind of company culture do you have?
Your boss just delegated a task to you. Are you clear on exactly what level of authority you have in handling the task? Keep these five very different levels of delegation in mind, says Michael Hyatt, chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Remember this rule of etiquette

December 28, 2010 Categorized in: Workplace Etiquette

Next time you’re at a business-social function, remember this rule of etiquette: