People Skills

In the catalog of “how to deal with difficult people” advice you’ll seek out during your career, there’s a particularly insidious character who makes frequent appearances: the condescender.
Handling a perfectionist can feel especially tricky when that person is a manager. Here are some ways to deal with perfectionist execs.

Effectively negotiate your bills

April 6, 2022 Categorized in: Negotiating

When the term negotiation arises, it’s often in the heady context of business deals, referring to tactics and skill. Well, what makes your personal finances any different? Try a bill negotiation app.

When your exec falls silent

April 6, 2022 Categorized in: Managing the Boss

It can be very uncomfortable to get the feeling that your boss isn’t happy with you, especially if you’re not entirely clear about the situation. If your boss isn’t telling you what the problem is, it’s next to impossible to correct it. So, take the lead on this. Here are some tips.

How to create no-stress urgency

March 25, 2022 Categorized in: Teamwork

You know you need to light a fire under your team, but you don’t want to sap their productivity by piling on stress. Can pressure and support coexist? The answer is yes, thoughtfully. Here are some ideas for how to approach this situation.
Changes in the workforce have demanded that many businesses cut down some administrative staff. That leaves those remaining with a lot more on their plates. If this is your job—or it becomes your job—here’s a little guidance to avoid getting pulled in too many directions.
We’re all players in the drama triangle occasionally. Where the problem lies is when you get stuck in it and can’t move on.

How to work with outside trainers

January 5, 2022 Categorized in: Supervising

Got someone coming in to briefly set up shop for some staff training? Don’t fall asleep at the switch and assume everything will go smoothly.
I have always believed in the idea of strength in unity when it comes to the administrative profession. When I worked in the field for 20 years, I put this into action and saw many benefits as a result.

Collaborating on documents

December 2, 2021 Categorized in: Teamwork

How do I get multiple people to collaborate on a document without risking losing anyone’s contributions? … One person has made a copy and edited that instead of working on the document I shared with everyone. How do I merge their changes?
Difficult means complicated, challenging or someone who is hard to deal with. A difficult person can be considered obnoxious, or verbally attacks you, criticizes you. They can be intrusive, controlling, picky or petty. But the executive you consider to be difficult might be a great opportunity to another assistant.
Asking an employee to reform more than one or two behaviors at a time can quickly overwhelm and demotivate them, no matter how calm and accepting they may seem. Here, then, is a checklist to use when deciding if employee behavior needs change.
Question: I just got handed the job of temporary admin team supervisor while they hire someone new—which will take several months. How do you step into a boss’s role knowing your authority is so wafer-thin and temporary?