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Making the leap to the ‘cloud’

May 18, 2011 Categorized in: Internet

If something happens to your computer, you have a backup drive. But what if something happens to the backup drive? That’s one reason many people are turning to “the cloud,” or remote computers that encrypt and store files.
Six web “apps” for streamlining day-to-day tasks, recommended by the team at
E-mail newsletters remain one of the most effective ways to build relationships with customers. For proof, look no further than the recent popularity of Groupon. If you’re asked to develop an e-mail newsletter, keep in mind these tips:

5 simple ways to tune your inbox

April 20, 2011 Categorized in: OrganizingOutlook

Administrative professional Debbie is in search of the magic bullet that will make it easier to archive e-mail—and later find what she needs. While e-mail is a source of productivity, it can also become an out-of-­control monster. Tune up your inbox with these tips:
When you help someone by connecting them via an e-mail introduction, follow these three basic rules: 1. Be clear and up front about your motive. 2. Don’t copy all parties unless you are 100% positive the recipient will be open to the introduction. 3. Give the recipient an “out.”

Stretch beyond YouTube

March 21, 2011 Categorized in: InternetPresentations

Trying to share a presentation with a broader audience or get the word out about a new company focus? Three free online tools for putting slideshows and videos online:
Women turn to blogs nearly twice as often as social networking sites to find information and share opinions, according to PINK magazine. Here’s PINK’s list of the top business blogs for women, based on site traffic and know-how:
Innovative software is helping to make dull PowerPoint presentations a thing of the past. Here are three tools to keep handy when you’re creating slides:
Keep the size of a PowerPoint file low with these three tactics … Put a halt to communication overload by limiting the number of people you add to any group or process … Customize the toolbar of your web browser, so handy little functions appear as icons across the top.

Never stare at a blank page again

February 28, 2011 Categorized in: InternetWriting/Editing

Filter out distractions with these writing tools that can temporarily change your on-screen workspace:

7 ways to improve your tech life

February 23, 2011 Categorized in: Internet

Your software is sluggish; your gadgets are glitchy. Here are seven easy updates that will improve your technological life. For starters, get a smartphone—having instant access to your e-mail, calendars, address book, GPS and anything on the Internet will make your life easier.

Top 8 apps for your BlackBerry

February 16, 2011 Categorized in: Internet

According to New York Times technology writer Bob Tedeschi, these are the top eight apps for making your BlackBerry much more handy—and fun—and they’re all free:
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