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Employers expect greater computer proficiency from all levels of admin pros than they did only a few years ago, staffing firm reps say. Being able to chip in on assignments involving computer work offers one of the best ways for receptionists to move up.
How well do you understand the general guidelines for preparing presentations? Take this quiz. And visit these web sites to find ways to improve your presentations:
To squeeze the greatest value from every penny you spend for your organization, look beyond just purchases to save money.
Sorting through files can seem like an archeological dig. Every time someone new comes in, that person doesn’t understand the previous system and builds a new set of files—electronic and paper—on top. 
How many times have you been caught up in a year-end crush? Here are five ways to get ahead of it:
Even if you’re not in charge of purchasing, each day in the workplace tests your negotiating skills. Do you practice these tactics?
Here’s how to prevent your boss’s presentation from being memorable only because of equipment problems.
Answer the question “What do you want?” or “What should I know?” in the first sentence of your memo, report, e-mail or other piece of business writing, and your time-strapped, information-overloaded readers will see you as a hero.

Block out the next step.

April 1, 2004 Categorized in: OrganizingPresentations

Why you should mark your calendar.
Writing and memorizing a well-researched presentation guarantees … well-polished boredom. Build flexibility into your delivery to better connect with your audience. Use these four tactics for deviating from your script.

Become more sensitive to energy use

January 12, 2004 Categorized in: Tracking Expenses

If your office burns money by lighting unoccupied work areas, look into motion detectors.

‘Can you hear me now?’

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The next time you’re ready to deliver a presentation, don’t let nitty-gritty audio problems make you even more nervous before stepping up to the mike. You don’t want to start the presentation with “Can you hear me now?” Set the stage to set off on the right note, by answering these questions:
Thousands of people deliver Power-Point presentations each day, and most could sharpen their message if the slides were less distracting. Here are some techniques and guidelines to do that: