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Smarter holiday e-shopping

October 2, 2008 Categorized in: PurchasingTime Management

Before you fire up the Net and begin your holiday spending spree, follow these tips from financial web site “The Motley Fool” ( for saving money during the nation’s biggest shopping season …

Green buying, beyond recycled paper

September 5, 2008 Categorized in: Purchasing

Not everyone can buy a Prius, but most admins can make office purchases that have a positive impact on the planet.
Saving your employer time and money is one of the few measurable ways to demonstrate the contribution you make at work. Here’s how Amy Gurren, winner of OfficeTeam’s Administrative Excellence Award, proactively found ways to save her employer some of both.

The 10/20/30 rule

May 1, 2008 Categorized in: PowerPointPresentations

Put together a presentation that captivates an audience with the 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint.
Thanks to flashy tools, you can compose and distribute business slide shows online in novel ways. You may have heard about Google’s web-based presentation tool, where several collaborators can work on a slide deck simultaneously in real time. Here are other ways to give your bullet points added impact.
Take a PowerPoint presentation from good to great with these six tips from Presentation S.O.S. by Mark Wiskup.

Help change the world

May 1, 2007 Categorized in: Purchasing

Help change the world—especially the world of business—by visiting The site collects stories about the social impact of companies’ behavior, such as Bank of America spending $20 billion to back environmentally sound practices …  
Does your work "flow"? Professional organizer Liz Franklin says we all handle paper in pretty much the same way.

Be eco-friendly

March 1, 2007 Categorized in: Purchasing

Be eco-friendly by buying “green” badges for your next big company event.
Your boss’s desk stands awash in paper and her bookcase is bursting, but she may not even realize that the clutter is distracting her. Help a messy boss declutter her office—and boost your productivity—with these simple tools.

AMA award-winner covers the basics

February 1, 2007 Categorized in: HRSupervising

It was on her first and only day of training for her new job as IT coordinator at PPG Industries that Jerrilynne Jankowski noticed a long line forming outside her door: employees with questions and basic admin needs.
Sure, you’ve glanced at the organization’s balance sheet. But do you know what all those financial terms really mean? First step: Match the financial terms below left with their correct definitions on the right.
Using PowerPoint visuals that only Einstein could decipher doesn’t make the presenter look smarter. Complicated visuals will cause an audience to focus less on what the presenter is saying and more on trying to figure out the images. Here are seven rules for keeping visuals clear and powerful: