Meeting Management

Avoid feeling frustrated in a meeting when no one introduces you to the group. Resolve to introduce yourself the next time it happens.
You know them well: the co-worker who spends way too much time talking on the phone, and the colleague who projects boredom in staff meetings. How can you possibly tell these people that they’re hurting themselves professionally—and should you try?

3 steps to a brilliant idea

March 1, 2007 Categorized in: Meetings

Stirring up good ideas is only a whiteboard away. Use these steps to guide your next brainstorming session.

Meeting pros know

February 1, 2007 Categorized in: MeetingsOrganizing

Learn how most professional planners schedule agendas for two- and three-day meetings …
You won’t find many people who love meetings. That might be because attendees often feel like meetings are a waste of time. At Marilyn Halsall’s workplace, “action minutes” are part of the remedy.

Keep your air warrior boss on schedule

February 1, 2007 Categorized in: Travel

Keep your air warrior boss on schedule by picking flights that go through the right hubs.

Admins’ secrets to finding travel deals

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Admins shared these great ideas recently on the Admin Pro Forum.

Fear of flying? Distract yourself

February 1, 2007 Categorized in: Travel

Distract yourself from fear of flying with sudoku puzzles. They’re the perfect remedy for addled nerves …
You schedule a meeting, then hear of a last-minute schedule conflict. A round of rescheduling e-mails only leads to confusion. Locations change, people forget to show up … the list of common problems goes on. But if you’re a Microsoft Outlook (2002/2003) user, you can rely on Group Schedule to check schedules, fill out meeting requests and send group e-mails.
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The monthly department meeting is next week, and you’ve already heard from four people who want to appear on the agenda. You expect a few more to chime in. It’s your job to create an agenda that affords adequate time for each item, as well as to make sure the meeting runs smoothly and ends on time. Your best approach? Annette Marquis, co-owner of TRIAD Consulting, recommends building an adjustable meeting-agenda template in Excel.
You may not realize it, says executive coach Jenni Prisk, but your boss might love to have you as his or her mentor.

Rescue the boss from meeting hell

December 1, 2005 Categorized in: Meetings

Meetings are notorious time-wasters, so protect your boss from ineffective sit-downs. When someone invites your boss to a meeting, ask these five questions: