Keep reliability intact

February 28, 2020 Categorized in: Personal Development

Reliability—doing what you said you’d do—is not a glamorous aspect of managing, but it’s a vital one. Organizational development consultant Mike Cook offers five tips for keeping your reputation up-to-date.

When a headhunter contacts you

February 26, 2020 Categorized in: Advancement

You may not think you’ll ever hear from a headhunter, but executive recruiter Michael Zinn suggests that you’re wrong. Headhunters never rest, and if you’re good at what you do, you’ll someday get contacted. So, how should you respond?

Attack your fears head-on

February 13, 2020 Categorized in: Personal Development

Given all the anxieties that trouble people at work these days, any way you can reduce your own sense of limitations can pay off for you and those who count on you. Here’s an exercise that can help you get started.
Dream big, but don’t forget that the key to achieving those dreams often lies in the little things you do every day.
A little tardiness never hurt anyone, right? After all, you’re capable of catching up on your work. But consider the impression projected by someone who is consistently late.
A recent “State of Moving” study done by moving company Bellhops found interesting facts about moving trends and habits, which you should keep in mind when considering hauling up stakes.
A recent Wall Street Journal article by Rachel Feintzeig made the case that more companies are slimming down their admin staffs. Joan Burge of Office Dynamics writes that the article, which focuses mainly on a single company’s trend, is only showing “a small piece of what is transpiring in the profession.”

1-Minute Strategies: March ’20

February 6, 2020 Categorized in: Personal Development

Signs that you’re doing your job correctly … (Don’t) stop me if you’ve heard this one before

Try these virtual private networks

February 3, 2020 Categorized in: Personal Development

Virtual private networks serve several purposes. One is to keep you safer as you connect to WiFi networks on the go. The other is to be able to maintain access to apps and services that you only have from your home country location. Here are the top picks from TechRadar.

Sound Bites: February ’20

February 1, 2020 Categorized in: Personal Development

Pause to let your audience catch up … Advice is better received when it’s offered than when it’s imposed … Plan both sides of an important conversation.

4 critical ways to build trust

January 22, 2020 Categorized in: Personal Development

Whether you are a longtime leader sitting in the C-suite or a brand-new worker on the frontline, you want the people with whom you work to trust you—and your ability to do the job. Here’s what you can do to gain others’ trust.
Creativity, teamwork, determination, adaptability, patience, empathic listening and the ability to develop a heart-centered connection with others have catapulted my performance and marketability through the years.

7 solid online fax services

January 2, 2020 Categorized in: Personal Development

Though much of our previous faxing needs are fulfilled now by sending electronic documents, there are still plenty of occasions where sending or receiving faxes is demanded. A recent article on reviewed and selected the best online fax services to use in 2020.