Let your anxiety serve a purpose

October 13, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

It’s stating the obvious to say that there’s still a lot of anxiety going around right now. As leaders, many of you are trying to keep your businesses healthy and take care of your employees and families. Since anxiety is a heightened state of alarm or awareness, there are some beneficial aspects to experiencing it.

How to draw an impact map

October 13, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

We all want to lead lives of purpose. But how do you stop and take stock of where you are? Author Mike Steib has some concrete advice on where and how to start evaluating.
Michael Port is a business owner and professional speaker, but his first career was as a classically trained actor. “To paraphrase the legendary acting teacher Lee Strasberg,” writes Port, “an actor’s work is about the ability to consistently create reality and to express that reality. And that is in large part the way that life works for all of us.”

A new way of looking at rest

October 6, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

On an episode of her podcast “Nocturne,” Vanessa Lowe spoke to artist and activist Tricia Hersey, who is also the founder of the Nap Ministry, a project that examines the liberating power of rest. The Nap Bishop is the personality Hersey takes on to be able to spread the message, “Rest is resistance.”

5 steps toward workplace zen

October 6, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

When you strive to maintain an open, honest dialogue—while also exhibiting appropriate restraint—you come closer to achieving communicative enlightenment. Workplace zen is possible when you adhere to these five steps for improving communication in the office.

How to speed-read

October 6, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

Did you ever actually finish “reading” a book if you were unable to digest its main points and summarize them accordingly? Here are practical tips on how to quickly skim a book while unearthing its most essential information.

Take better care of that laptop

October 6, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

Since laptops are our constant companions—and extremely vulnerable to accidents, spills and countless other disasters—we have to learn how to take care of them. Eric Escobar of the “Tech Talker” podcast shares some great tips for extending the life of a laptop.
Exhibit confidence when initiating a big conversation … Need some fingerprints to cover up your pilfering from your colleague’s cookie jar? … What was the first feature film to show a toilet being flushed? … Embrace the contronym!
Courtesy, professionalism and respect: another form of CPR that saves lives.
Creating sections, using citations and layering images over and under text.
Sometimes we just don’t feel like being as productive as we should. That’s OK, right? Well, yes, but what’s not OK is to consistently let yourself down and undermine the goals you’ve set for yourself. If this sounds like you, it’s time to lock yourself in a cage.

1-Minute Strategies: October ’21

September 1, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

2-3-2-3 or 3-3-4? … What is a capitonym? … Why good doggies seem so good … Nostalgia overwhelm!
Last year, as employees were piling up accrued time they couldn’t use, the IRS allowed them to cash out their unused time, donate the cash to their employers and their employers would donate the cash to charitable organizations helping people impacted by the pandemic. The IRS has extended this relief through the end of this year.