Put more meaning into workplace awards

September 8, 2011 Categorized in: Recognition

Imagine you’re up for an award at work … for Best New Mistake. That might not sound too appealing, but at SurePayroll, the award is coveted. Why do they do it? To encourage employees to try new things—even if it means sometimes failing or making a mistake.
If you’re in a supervisory position, don’t wait until it’s time for a formal performance review to dish out the positive words. Here are six guidelines for effective praising, from Bob Nelson, author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees:
Many women struggle to answer the question: What makes you stand out at work? That’s what consultant and author Marcia Reynolds found as she was conducting 360-degree interviews for her executive clients. Tips to help you articulate your worth to your organization:

Budget-minded ways to honor employees

May 25, 2011 Categorized in: Recognition

Administrative assistant Terri Vanias works for a company that’s feeling the pinch of a protracted recession. For the past couple of years, the company has had to trim the budget—and bonuses. Her company isn’t the only one finding ways to do more with less, even when it comes to recognizing and honoring employees:
Frances Hesselbein, who led the Girl Scouts of the USA from 1976 to 1990, believes that anyone can be a leader, no matter where he or she finds themselves in an organization.

2 words to improve e-mail messages

December 16, 2010 Categorized in: OutlookRecognition

The biggest problem with e-mail, according to Scot Herrick, is that most people only use the tool as a way to manage to-dos, collaborate and move work along. Herrick believes that’s a problem because we should be thinking of e-mail as a personal branding tool, not merely as a workhorse.

Regaling the unsung heroes of the office

December 14, 2010 Categorized in: Recognition

Recently, executive assistant Angie Knode won the Adminologist of the Year award presented by Office Dynamics. And it wasn’t by accident. “One of the goals of our executive assistants’ team is to increase the recognition for our administrative staff,” says Knode’s co-worker Peggy Vasquez. “These are often the unsung heroes …”

Pitch your big idea

October 28, 2010 Categorized in: Managing the BossRecognition

Jonah’s boss always tells employees to “think outside the box.” But when they do, top executives always turn them down. How can you convince the boss to try your ideas? Start by not selling an innovative big idea. Follow these steps:

A simple thank-you is all we need

September 27, 2010 Categorized in: Recognition

What’s the most satisfying reward you can receive for a job well done? Respondents to a “SmartPulse” survey, conducted by Smart-Brief on Leadership, were roughly split three ways:

Speak up! It could mean big rewards

August 16, 2010 Categorized in: Recognition

Would your company’s leaders benefit from hearing more feedback and ideas from employees? If the answer is yes, here’s a strategy to suggest to them: a rewards program that doles out prizes for the best ideas offered by employees.
As companies and local governments look for ways to rein in costs, administrative professionals need to perform like high-earning stocks. Raising your perceived value allows you to do more than hold on to your position; it helps you accelerate your career. Here’s how to raise your personal stock price:

5 perks to ask your boss for now

March 9, 2010 Categorized in: Recognition

Asking for a raise right now is an uphill battle. There still isn’t “enough money around to compensate people for the extra hours they’ve been putting in,” says Ravin Jesuthasan, head of the global rewards practice at Towers Perrin. But it could be the perfect time to ask for a perk.
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