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You could well be languishing in a position that doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t value you and, frankly, doesn’t interest you any longer. Here are five signs you may be there.
Question: Are there overlooked things an admin should do to build a long career within an organization? I see a lot of the same old bullet points on career checklists!
Question: What one skill does your best assistant possess that would never come through in a job interview?
Depending on what’s happening in our lives or our professional environments, we can lose perspective of what we can control, or should feel responsible for.
Expressing gratitude or saying “thank you” to your boss does have a few best practices … Die, formatting, die! … Need new foliage ideas for the desk?
There’s an ongoing need to strengthen computing practices and stay vigilant against cyber attacks—up 600% due to COVID-19 (now aptly referred to as the “cyberdemic”). Emails and passwords are especially prime targets for hackers. Use these tips to stay safe.
Ever listen to a long-winded blabbermouth? Don’t be like that person. To gauge whether you need to scale back on your talking, consider these questions.

Sound Bites: March ’21

February 24, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

“It” is the key … Don’t ask a question only to answer it … Offer better advice … If you’re feeling overwhelmed by too many meetings, analyze them … Now that’s tiny type!

Eliminate 4 crucial weaknesses

February 10, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

Leadership doesn’t come naturally to every manager. As you move forward in your career, work to expel these weaknesses that can inhibit your ability to be seen as a true leader.

7 steps to a great strategic plan

February 10, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

A strategic plan sets the direction of an organization or team. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or complex, but the best ones usually include these specific elements.

Say ‘No’ and feel guilt-free

February 10, 2021 Categorized in: Personal Development

You can’t please everyone all the time—which means you’d better learn how to turn down requests from employees, peers, and business associates. Refuse graciously by following these guidelines.
Q: “Our office keeps several over-the-counter medications on hand if someone in the office should have a headache, indigestion, etc. But now I’m wondering if this is a good idea because of possible liability issues. Can you tell me if we’re safe in keeping a drawer of these meds if someone should ask for them?” – Linda, Oregon
Question: Unlike most people in my office, I’m really skittish about coming to work in snowy or icy weather. I’d feel inadequate and judged if I ever called out when others have not, but I get a pit in my stomach when I see the streets becoming slippery and dangerous. What should I do?