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As an admin in higher education, Amanda Dixon says she enjoys helping students while working among friends. She enjoys talking through complex issues with students and parents, and loves encouraging them along their path.
Sometimes even admins make it onto the big screen, so what are some of the best on-screen portrayals of admin life?
Speaking up about something you think a superior is doing wrong is intimidating and risky. From calling attention to a serious violation to questioning a simple business practice, you have to weigh your situation to determine whether speaking up is the right thing to do.
If it seems like your daily to-do list never gets completed, you may want to try a new approach: Ditching the list of tasks that have no set time limit and trying time-blocking instead.
Emails = productivity … The truth about pencils … The Microsoft Office Specialist U.S. National Championship … What do the 10 most popular American luxury cars have in common? … Why is the Pentagon a pentagon?
Between the training sessions on everything from Excel to event management, attendees to June’s Admin Pro Forum 2017 in Orlando were privy to panel sessions and roundtables featuring plenty of real-time advice from the conference’s featured speakers. Here’s a sampling.
Eliminating all sources of stress in our lives is never going to happen, but minimizing their effect is a completely attainable goal. Psychologist and PsyBlog blogger Jeremy Dean offers research-based tips on how to manage the stress in your life.
In any office situation, it quickly becomes clear that there are three groups of people: the “office stars,” who are capable and liked by almost everyone; the “coasters,” whose goal is to get away with as little work as possible; and the “lacklusters,” the people who fade into the woodwork.
Making sound decisions is an administrative skill set that needs to be developed like any other. Here are six ideas to consider.
There’s another hole you need to close up against hackers: app permissions. If you’ve logged into a service using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account instead of creating a new profile, you could be vulnerable.
It’s necessary to promote yourself as competent and confident in your job, but beware of turning people off with exaggerations. Here’s how to avoid sounding arrogant when you’re trying to sound confident.
A less-talked-about cause of stress is loneliness. Busy couples might rely too heavily on each other for companionship, and single people who live alone might lack outside friendships. Connecting with other people and having the support of friends is important to reduce stress.
Laura Golonka, the executive assistant to the president of Combined Insurance in Chicago, says patience and persistence are among the most important qualities she has developed in more than 30 years as an admin.