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What would you consider to be the “Mount Rushmore” of workplace conduct essentials—the four simplest attitudes or practices that an admin must master quickly to advance in a career? Here are the ones we believe deserve a place on any monument.
A surprising number of experienced executives make some bad moves. Here are the top five. is a website where freelancers with all sorts of skills (including some really unusual ones) offer heavily discounted services for simple tasks. There, you can do these five things.
The next time you’re talking with your office manager, you might want to mention some of these facts, provided by Success magazine.

Escaping a rut at the office

August 2, 2018 Categorized in: Personal Development

When you’re feeling bored and unmotivated at work for a period of time, you’re probably in a rut, Stephanie Vozza writes at Fast Company. Here’s how to get out of it.
To become a superstar at work, you need to extend your knowledge of the job to knowledge of the organization.
A good night’s sleep helps with job performance, but do you know just how much sleep really counts? Here are the top warning signs you need more than a nap, courtesy of Nectar.
If breakfast is too much work for you, an easier way to improve your productivity for the rest of your day is to make your bed, says Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit.
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If you run into a string of these pesky nightmares, or even one whopper, it’s probably time to take stock of your situation and acknowledge your stress is worth addressing.
If you want advice from someone more experienced than you, avoid the question “May I pick your brain?” Do this instead.
Boat rockers, contrarians, call them whatever you like—sometimes these people become office stars because their courage naturally attracts followers and admirers. But how do you assert yourself and effect change without being a mere irritant?
Many people were raised to believe they’re “special” and wind up realizing they’re just average. Onboardly co-founder Heather Anne Carson offers these suggestions for a reality check.