Personal Development

Don’t you wish things were… well, frankly, easier? Well, maybe that’s not as far-fetched as you think.
At a time when recent surveys show a majority of workers feel highly anxious, overwhelmed, stressed and burned out, many employers have begun offering wellness benefits for their workers. That’s why Nataly Kogan, co-founder of the website, is really, really happy.
It is said that we allow money to become such a dominant force in our lives because we fail to define exactly what it should do for us. At this point in your career, are you still wondering about the part it should play in your life?
If you use macros or add-ons in Sheets, your heart may have skipped a beat when you no longer saw the Add-ons dropdown menu. The good news is that it’s all still there!
With the growing threat of ransomware, new regulations around privacy and the impact of improper disclosure of company-sensitive information through email, it might be time to have another look at your email policy. Here are some things the policy should cover.
When you get time with a mentor—or even just an interesting interview subject, or someone you professionally admire—you’ll want to make the most of it. Here are some ideas for questions to ask.
Dreading the return to the office? … Yes, you can send a message to all meeting attendees without updating the meeting item itself
The war in Ukraine has provided a new opening for con artists to steal identity information and bilk money from generous Americans. Here’s how to minimize that risk.
After a miserable year, Kristen Coffield turned to her culinary roots and started with the one thing she could control: food that can dial down stress, increase energy and aid in our restorative rest. Here is her advice to budding entrepreneurs.
The internet is so vast, finding useful tools for your executive can be an overwhelming endeavor. It helps when you can get some solid recommendations, especially by a pro who knows what they’re talking about. Here is a list of some valuable sites from’s Jenn Leach, a self-professed “total course junkie, online tool and resource junkie.”
If you’ve given notice, you’ll be sticking around for a bit, tying up loose ends and possibly helping to train your replacement. Some things to keep in mind.
The word amateur usually has some suggestive associations. It says to us: beginner, wannabe, inexpert, inauthentic, fledgling, imitation, unprofessional. But the word really means someone engaged in a pursuit for the pleasure of it rather than money. We should hope to keep or rediscover some of that amateur enthusiasm and take it with us on our professional and personal journeys.
Many of us feel guilty for being loners, but there’s no need. We are among millions just like us.