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4 tips to boost your memory

September 6, 2018 Categorized in: Personal Development

Four ways to make sure you’re remembering what’s important.
Take a deep breath, and consider the gift of freedom, but remove the big red bow of fear. You can find a path that is right for you; it will just take time and effort. Here are five tips to help you along as you reinvent yourself.
You know you’re reliable. But that doesn’t count for much unless people have faith in your follow-through. The more they perceive you as someone who stands by what she says, the more they’ll trust you to deliver on your promises.

1-Minute Strategies: October ’18

September 6, 2018 Categorized in: Personal Development

No more group emails … What’s for dinner? … America’s flavor preferences … Meet the Fool’s Gold Loaf … The dark side of stamp collecting … Which way is this train going?
The difference between groups and teams … Syncing Outlook data to Google
What’s hot and what’s not with software, keywords and more? Before you put up a website or spend dollars on search engine optimization, or if you’re just wondering what everyone else is doing with their computing platforms, these sites give insight.
Burnout can affect anyone at any point. Sometimes it’s a sign you need to make a serious change in your life. Other times you just need to make some changes to your routine that will help change your outlook toward your work, says Sujan Patel, vice president of marketing at When I Work. There’s plenty of well-worn advice on what types of small changes to try, but Patel offers some suggestions you may not have considered.

How’s your Latin?

August 22, 2018 Categorized in: Personal Development

Latin words and expressions are quite common in documents and speech, especially in the legal sphere. Complete this test to see how well you know your Latin.
What would you consider to be the “Mount Rushmore” of workplace conduct essentials—the four simplest attitudes or practices that an admin must master quickly to advance in a career? Here are the ones we believe deserve a place on any monument.
A surprising number of experienced executives make some bad moves. Here are the top five. is a website where freelancers with all sorts of skills (including some really unusual ones) offer heavily discounted services for simple tasks. There, you can do these five things.
The next time you’re talking with your office manager, you might want to mention some of these facts, provided by Success magazine.

Escaping a rut at the office

August 2, 2018 Categorized in: Personal Development

When you’re feeling bored and unmotivated at work for a period of time, you’re probably in a rut, Stephanie Vozza writes at Fast Company. Here’s how to get out of it.