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Recent college graduates thrilled to land their first “real” job invigorate a workplace with their energy and fresh perspectives. However, they also can make their share of mistakes as they transition from student to employee.
How can you know if that cold or flu you’ve been struggling through is still contagious?
I’ll be happy when I get a new job … I’ll be happy when I get married … I’ll be happy when I make my first million … Sound familiar?
Did you know: the origin of “Man (or Girl) Friday” comes from Robinson Crusoe? Here are some other notable fictional “admins” that deserve consideration.
No, it’s not your imagination. You and your place of business are receiving more robocalls now than there were a year ago.
Many people have another gig in addition to their full-time job. Should you disclose this to your employer? There are several things to mull over before deciding on taking this step.
Some tips for avoiding the quicksand of procrastination and turning it around.
Administrative Professional Week is coming! … Don’t forget this important office resource

Manage the boring stuff at work

March 27, 2019 Categorized in: Personal Development

You aren’t going to love everything about your job. Some of your tasks will be outright dull or tedious. Follow these tips to gain some new perspective.
Your boss just hit you with some bad news: You need to improve your performance or find a new job. Here’s what to do next.
Never guess. You’ll likely get it wrong.
Let’s take a serious look at your perceptions of yourself, your role and your life.

How to deal with face blindness

March 14, 2019 Categorized in: Personal Development

Not remembering a face, especially after repeated meetings, can be interpreted as a sign of disrespect or carelessness. To avoid these situations, face blindness sufferers lean on some key compensatory skills.