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There are approximately 40 million people living with anxiety in the U.S., and if you’re one of the sufferers, you know that it can interfere with your work. Here are some coping strategies.
Forming strong bonds with other people is good for our creativity, resilience and longevity. Compassion in the workplace can help you form stronger personal bonds with your colleagues. Keep these tips in mind.
Exercise is an antidepressant … Stand out on LinkedIn … Try read receipts … It turns out love isn’t all you need … There’s a new rat in town … Mmm, pie … If you were on the waiting list for “The Young Lady at Home,” we have good news
You need great confidence if you want to be a successful leader, writes InPower Consulting President and CEO Dana Theus, who offers five steps to help you boost yours.
Wading deeper into a new year of opportunities and professional aspirations, many of us are hitting the gym more and focused on physical fitness. Yet, we can’t deny that our endurance is also exceedingly dependent on a happy, healthy mind.
The way we communicate and conduct business is continually changing. To increase your marketability and justify your worth in today’s competitive workforce, the more tech muscle you can flex, the better.

Say what needs to be said

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Assertiveness doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so you might find it difficult to speak up when you feel you’ve been wronged. But with practice and a calm demeanor you can learn how.
LaTika Tillis says she stumbled into the financial industry by accident and found her way to a company she loves: STA Wealth Management in Houston.

Criticized! Rejected! What now?

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If handled properly, failure can lead to even greater success down the road, but it can be difficult to think positively in the moment when you experience rejection. Consider these tips.
Professional clothing can take a chunk out of your wallet and be a little uncomfortable at times, so how important is it to “dress up” for work? That’s what one reader asked recently on the Admin Pro Forum.
We all have to do things we don’t like sometimes—it’s part of life. But there are some stressors you can eliminate that will make your career and your life better.

1-Minute Strategies: January ’18

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Focus on one goal in 2018 … Pump yourself up before a meeting or presentation … The 2017 Ig Nobels have been awarded … Wild dogs are democratic … No, you can’t pay your late fees with Chuck E. Cheese tokens … Talented kitties save lives
Here are some tips for staying productive when working at home.