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Our bodies weren’t designed to be sedentary for so long in the office. Following are some tips for making those hours count toward your well-being.
By looking at the world in unusual ways, da Vinci made his surroundings fascinating and found the many challenges and wonders within them. Your job is such a wonder-filled place, whether you realize it right now or not.
One of my favorite topics to discuss with assistants is the art and science of personal mastery. At the core of personal mastery is self-awareness.
Your mind wasn’t built to put the pedal to the metal 24/7. Consider these strategies to stay sharp.
Isn’t it a tiny bit sad how afraid we all are of that gap between jobs? Some are afraid potential employers will freak out about it; others get stressed over not having enough to do. Keep these tips in mind.

Some don’ts to embrace

August 3, 2017 Categorized in: Personal Development

Often it’s not the do’s that make us better. Here are some don’ts that are just as important to hold on to.
It happens to us all at some point:  We become unmoored—hopefully because of a fabulous new job!—and suddenly our support system is nowhere in sight. As soon as you track down the grocery store, go into action to get that system back in place.
The loss of someone close may seem doubly hard when you walk into a workplace that isn’t there to comfort you. Here are some tips.

Fun with the giant dictionary!

August 3, 2017 Categorized in: Personal Development

In which we open to a random part of a 2,500-page old-school dictionary to discover etymological gold.
Melissa Smith, who’s based in Georgia, founded The PVA, a virtual assistant staffing company, and wrote Hire the Right Virtual Assistant. She has also created a virtual assistant training course.
So-called conventional wisdom leads you to believe too blindly about what it takes to succeed. Stop automatically believing these five myths.
Exercise before a stressful event … Knock out “fake work” … Look before you leap … Cut out filler words … But can squirrels play fetch? … The man behind the sign … Setting an example at the supermarket … Where will you be working when the robots take over?
There’s a good chance your job will change or disappear entirely, so you need to be ready to carry on and keep your career going when it does. Lifehacker’s Alan Henry offers five steps you can take to make sure you’ll land on your feet and hit the ground running if you lose your job.
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