Give yourself another title: Ambassador

May 3, 2018 Categorized in: AdvancementFeatured ArticlePersonal Development

I know assistants already add value every day. And yet in today’s accelerated world, everyone needs to up their game. Thinking of yourself as an ambassador can set you apart and contribute tremendously to your organization’s success.

Ambassadors easily add value every day through the specialized approach to how they behave and treat people in the course of working in their group, department and company. Being a world-class ambassador will open doors for you.

The Genuine Host. An ambassador is one who thinks and sees outside of himself to consider other people’s thoughts, emotions, opinions, and comforts. He seeks to inform, to communicate, to strategize for the best outcome, and to genuinely help others. He won’t badger, belittle, or argue any point. Instead, he will listen intently and respectfully, and perhaps offer to provide additional comment or material at a later date.

Bringing Peace To Every Situation. One way to recognize an ambassador is to look for the person who brings peace to every situation. That doesn’t mean she is a doormat, or that she will avoid confrontation at all costs! An ambassador won’t turn and run at the slightest breeze. She understands that people have an innate need for peace and contentment.

Speaking Up. An ambassador knows she has a voice. She knows she can speak up, and call others to remember who they are and why they are there. “We always have time to do things the right way!” she might say when others suggest cutting corners.

Critical Conversations. An ambassador will consider the timing, the setting, get her facts verified, be calm, and exhibit leadership to have the conversations necessary to promote the good of the group or organization’s mission, while maintaining goodwill toward everyone involved. He allows each person to save face and have a renewed vigor toward getting the job done in the best manner possible.

Disagree, Agreeably. An ambassador knows that people are not all from the same bolt of fabric. Knowing that many opinions also yield more solutions, greater creativity and wisdom, the ambassador will readily listen and acknowledge each person’s opinion, thoughts, and input.

Shoring Up Reputations. The ambassador won’t gossip or seek to destroy someone through verbal repartee. An ambassador remembers the “front page rule,” meaning that he will imagine his spoken and written words about others as being published on the front page of the newspaper.

Crisis 101. An ambassador adds value every day by handling crises calmly, respecting people and seeking their comfort. An ambassador remembers his own and others’ humanity while conducting work.

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