Fight off workplace envy

January 5, 2018 Categorized in: Featured ArticlePersonal Development

If you have a rock-star colleague and the bosses seem to love her, it can be hard not to feel a little jealous. How do you stop envy from ruining your work when you feel like you can’t measure up to co-workers?

Remember no one is perfect. Even though it seems that everything goes your co-worker’s way, she has bad days and failures just like you.

Concentrate on things you’re good at. You may wish you had some of her skills, but remember you have your own talents that set you apart.

Use her achievement to motivate yourself. Consider what you can do to find similar success in the future.

Find common ground to build a relationship with the co-worker. Your jealousy will prevent you from forming a relationship of trust with her, which will hold you back when collaborating or networking.

— Adapted from “5 ways to avoid feeling jealous at work,” Jane Burnett, The Ladders.

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