5 steps to greater self-confidence

December 20, 2017 Categorized in: Featured ArticlePersonal Development

You need great confidence if you want to be a successful leader, writes InPower Consulting President and CEO Dana Theus, who offers five steps to help you boost yours.

  1. Pick an area you don’t feel confident in. It could be a skill or an area of knowledge.
  2. Find the edge of your comfort zone. “Just fill in these blanks: I feel confident that I know/can do ____ but I’m not confident I know/can do ____,” Theus writes.
  3. Think of one thing you can do in the next week that’s just out of that comfort zone. For example, speak up and share your thoughts in a meeting.
  4. Watch what happens. Pay attention to the feedback you get that confirms you do know what you’re doing and talking about.
  5. Plan to go further next time. Once you’re back in your comfort zone, reflect on your experience with a focus on what went well. Plan to repeat and do a little more next time.

— Adapted from “How do great leaders get great confidence?“, Dana Theus, SmartBlog on Leadership.