Colette Carlson, M.A.

Colette is a funny, business communication expert and motivational keynote speaker who engages corporations, associations and individuals worldwide in the art of speaking your truth to maximize results, revenue and relationships! As a highly sought after speaker, Colette's clients include Microsoft, New York Life, Cisco, Boeing, PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble. Her work has been featured in Success, Working Mother and Personal Development Magazines, as well as, motivational movies Pass It On and Riches: 7 Secrets of Wealth You Were Never Told. She serves as Leadership Faculty for Executive Women International and is a contributing author in two books: Conversations on Success, along with Deepak Chopra and Mark Sanborn and The Book of Riches, along with T. Harv Eker, John Demartini and Brian Tracy. Her own book, "Liar, Liar, Skirts on Fire" is due out in 2014.

Colette is someone who learned her message the hard way. She started out a big, fat liar. Literally! Only by telling the truth on herself was she able to break through her fears, lose over 50 lbs. and take healthy risks. After applying the strategies she now teaches, Colette found the courage to leave the safety net of a monthly paycheck as a top-notch administrative assistant to CEO’s and step out into the realm of a bold, commission-only sales livelihood. Working for sales legend Tom Hopkins, she quickly ascended to become the #1 sales producer. Her immediate success led to an opportunity to join sales guru Brian Tracy's international organization, and shortly thereafter she became a National Sales Trainer for US West. While raising her two daughters, Colette went back to night school to earn her master's in Human Behavior, which certainly helps now that they're in college!

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