Apps to make working on the road easier

September 26, 2016

Josh Nicholas, writing at Lifehacker, suggests some apps to give you access to notes, emails and other forms of communication to stay on top of things back at the office.

Personal Development

Biotech assistant: Critical to the mission

September 23, 2016

Lynn Jansheski is an executive assistant at Adaptive Biotechnologies, a biotech company fo­­cused on the adaptive immune system. Jansheski began her time with Adaptive Biotechnologies about a year and a half ago after being recruited by an HR manager she had worked with previously.


It’s time to de-clutter your social media feed

September 21, 2016

A social media presence isn’t something you can set up and tend to only when it occurs to you. So what are you doing with yours?


Team-building: No sissies allowed?

September 19, 2016

When the company could benefit from team-building exercises, what is the best way to approach them? Would putting employees in a difficult environment or situation strengthen the team?

Internal Communication

Your boss doesn’t want to hear these …

September 16, 2016

Words can make or break your career. You may accidently say the wrong thing sometimes, but the bigger concern is words you use every day that hurt your career.

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How to calm your nerves on a big day

Rebecca Newton, writing at Forbes, offers tips to overcome your nervousness and regain your confidence.

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What’s your Strife Number?

Sit down right now and think of how many people you work with who you genuinely dislike. Calculate that number as a percentage of everyone you have regular contact with in the office. There’s your Strife Number (because you can never have too many silly artificial metrics in life). If the number is 30 or higher, it could either be a sign of an unhealthy level of intolerance for the quirks of others, or a hint that you’re in for a long road of stress with a group you just don’t meld with.

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