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3 mindfulness tips aid leadership

The practice of mindfulness might seem out of place in the high-paced business world, but admins would benefit if they took a moment to live in the now. Here’s why, according to clinical psychologist Cheryl Rezek.
1-Minute Strategy:

Can you stifle your verbal placeholders?

Once in a while, try to become hyper-aware of the times you sprinkle your speech with so, um, like, I mean, well and other placeholders. It's going to be impossible to get rid of them all—who's ever accomplished that?—but a good place to focus on is the very beginning of your sentences. You sound stronger and more confident when the first word out of your mouth is the actual start of your thought, rather than one of those meaningless "run-ups" we all fall back on when we're not quite sure of ourselves. Make your effort a tag-team affair by having a co-worker playfully monitor you, and vice versa, for one full day to see who succeeds more in this rather difficult task.

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