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How to get quick feedback from the boss

Managers have a lot on their plates, which sometimes can prevent them from getting back to you about your project in a timely manner. This prevents you from moving forward and slows the process down, writes Alex Cavoulacos, a founder of The Muse. But sometimes, you can be partially to blame.
1-Minute Strategy:

Taking a newbie out to lunch? Make it real

We've all been taken out for an awkward welcome lunch at a new job, and just tried to get through it without embarrassing ourselves. When a group takes an employee out, that person inevitably feels under the microscope in some way—or at the very least, too much like "the show." If you really want to make a new employee feel welcome and relaxed, ditch the official proceedings and offer to take him or her to a very casual place, very close to the office, strictly on a one-on-one basis, and lead off the conversation with nonwork matters.

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