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8 essentials of social media etiquette

Social media rules can be complex and confusing, writes BuzzFeed Senior Writer Tom Phillips, who offers eight ways to navigate this online universe.
1-Minute Strategy:

Treat a closed door like an electrified fence

Certain behaviors invite a permanent stigma—for example, once you accidentally eat someone else's lunch, they'll never truly forget it. The same goes for assuming a closed simply door means "Come on in, it was just getting a little too breezy in here!" and opening it just because you feel that what you need can't wait. Even a hesitant knock on a closed door is guaranteed to be perceived as intrusive. Unless the building's on fire, assume that the person behind one really, really doesn't want to be interrupted and keep on walking. Best case scenario, you're considered pushy and obnoxious for barging in. Worst case scenario ... oh goodness, can you imagine what you might stroll in on?

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