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4 ways to introduce new tech tools

Technology is constantly changing, but people often find that change hard to handle. So when it comes time to update the tools your company uses, how do you avoid resistance from co-workers?
1-Minute Strategy:

Delete behind-the-scenes chatter from email forwards

When we forward emails, we tend not to notice if we're actually including an entire chain of them, beginning with someone's original message. Including this history can cause two problems: First, your reader may get bogged down by chatter and information he or she has no need for. Secondly, those email messages, when written, were intended only for the original recipients, and since we write in different "voices" for different people, someone reading a message they weren't originally included on may be surprised and even put off by the tone or phrasings they see, especially if they're mentioned somewhere in there. That was private communication and is usually better kept as such.

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