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New Hire Onboarding: Practical Advice to Boost Performance & Retention

You work so hard to make a favorable impression on job candidates. But what happens when they show up for work? How are you handling the employee’s first hour, first day, first week and first months on the job?

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Taking Effective Meeting Minutes

Every day, key meetings take place in your office. And the decisions made as a result of these meetings can involve millions of dollars, and even change people’s futures. With everything that’s at stake in today’s challenging times, it’s no wonder that employers prize accurate minute-taking skills more than ever before.

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Preparing the Executive for Depositions

Your lawyer will help you prepare for depositions – for several hundred dollars an hour. But advance planning can help minimize the time you spend with lawyers. That’s why The HR Specialist and Executive Leadership have teamed up on a new webinar to help you stay composed when you’re deposed.

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Excel Pivot Tables: Getting Your Data to Talk

Delivering all the business data everybody needs is just a lot of bits and bytes … until it gives you information you can actually use.

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Developing an Effective Administrative Procedures Manual

If you had to miss work for a week… two weeks… or even a month, could your co-workers or manager step in and fulfill your responsibilities, WITHOUT a major interruption to your office or business?

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Pitman Shorthand and BakerWrite Speedwriting: An Introduction

This new, unique webinar, Pitman Shorthand and BakerWrite Speedwriting: An Introduction, will enable you to find a system that works for you to improve your efficiency… add to your skills and career development… and give you a chance to avoid the stress of trying to take notes with only longhand techniques.

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What People Really Want: 5 Secrets to Successful Negotiating

Even the most hard-boiled negotiator has emotions. And understanding how to leverage yours — and your counterpart’s — can spell the difference between success and failure. While most negotiating training focuses on the rational side of negotiation, the emotional side has been neglected.

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Mastering SharePoint

Wondering how Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 can improve your organization? Or maybe your department has moved all its file sharing, documentation and communication to SharePoint, but is using only a fraction of its capabilities.

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Quiet Strength: The Introvert's Guide to Leadership Greatness

In today’s extroverted business world, introverts can sometimes feel overlooked, excluded and misunderstood. But being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t be a great leader… and this workshop can set you on that path.

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The ACA's Employer Mandate: How to Comply & Avoid New Penalties in 2014

Most organizations still have much to learn and decide upon before the 2015 and 2016 deadlines. How is your organization using the time to prepare? What are your options… and what can you do now to minimize or avoid penalties? How can you estimate the amount of employer penalties to decide whether to offer health insurance in 2015 and beyond?

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