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Employee Handbooks: Required Changes for 2014 and the 12 Most Common Mistakes

You can lend a vital hand to your company by spotting the legal risks hiding in your own employee handbook.
Quiet Strength: The Introvert's Guide to Leadership Greatness

Introverts can sometimes feel overlooked, excluded and misunderstood. But being an introvert doesn't mean you can't be a great leader.

Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

Does the thought of speaking in front of a crowd make you cringe in fear? Put an end to all that with this 75-minute training video.

7 Strategies for Creating E-Newsletters That Get Results

Do you know how to create a newsletter that gets opened and keeps your readers engaged? Effective newsletters take a little thought and effort, but the results are worth it! 7 Strategies for Creating E-Newsletters That Get Results will provide you with valuable information on creating successful e-newsletters for your organization that inform and engage participants.

Working With Multiple Bosses - Successfully

Most people find it challenging enough to work well with even ONE boss. But if you're working with two bosses - or MORE - the challenge is nearly insurmountable. Multiple bosses mean multiple headaches - for you. In Working with Multiple Bosses - Successfully, our trainer will share her battle-tested techniques for managing not just your bosses, but your own time as well.

Business Writing That Gets Results

Do you sometimes struggle to write clearly and concisely? Do you spend far too much time organizing your thoughts? And do the people you write to sometimes think, Huh? In just 75 minutes, you can increase your writing power and become a more effective communicator. This is your hands-on road map for improving your writing and getting ahead.

Travel Planning for Administrative Professionals

In just 75 minutes - less time than your boss's last flight delay - you'll pick up tips and techniques to make business travel bearable, and maybe even enjoyable. Increase your efficiency and decrease your worries with Travel Planning for Administrative Professionals.

A Woman's Guide to Communicating with Confidence

Women and men receive different confidence "training" as kids, and it shows up in their adult communication styles. But you can overcome this early training with some surprisingly simple strategies. Learn to speak your truth to lead, succeed and make your ideas heard in the workplace with Woman's Guide to Communicating With Confidence.

How to Get People to Listen to You

It's not enough to have brilliant ideas - you need to make your co-workers and bosses hear what you've got to say.

Communicating with Tact and Diplomacy

Communication is probably the most important part of your job. Do it well, and your career takes off, your peers respect you, and day-to-day interactions are easier. With Communicating With Tact and Diplomacy, we'll give you the tools necessary to communicate well in any workplace situation.

How to Partner With Your Boss

In every relationship, you can expect crossed signals, duplicated efforts, incorrect assumptions and personality clashes that can cause conflict. In the boss/admin relationship, the result can be wasted time and effort - and possibly even career damage. How to Partner With Your Boss will give you the tools you need to help you - and your boss - get on the same page and move forward together.

Employee Handbooks: Required Changes for 2014 and the 12 Most Common Mistakes

You can lend a vital hand to your company by spotting the legal risks hiding in your own employee handbook.

Authentic Persuasion: How to Pitch Anything to Anyone

Persuasion is an art. If you push too hard, you will risk being aggressive. If you nudge too lightly, you may turn into a pest. Persuading others is pretty easy when you understand the 4-point formula for success. Authentic Persuasion: How to Pitch Anything to Anyone will guide you to success.

Employment Law 101 for Supervisors

Do your supervisors know the job-interview questions that can result in legal action? Or which words written in performance evaluations are almost GUARANTEED to trigger discrimination lawsuits? If not, their lack of basic employment-law knowledge is putting your organization at risk. Employment Law 101 for Supervisors is the perfect way to help supervisors understand the implications of their actions and how those actions might inadvertently be supporting lawsuits against your organization - and possibly against you personally!

You'll Love Working Here! 10 Steps to an Amazing Workplace Culture

These days, every workplace is an open book to the world. Social media and websites like Glassdoor allow people to instantly know which organizations are great places to work - and which should be avoided at all costs. How would your workplace rank? Could you benefit from a serious "culture adjustment" to improve recruitment? Take your workplace from standard to standout with You'll Love Working Here! 10 Steps to an Amazing Workplace Culture.

Upcoming Live Webinars

Travel Pay: When to Pay It, How to Pay It, and How to Tax It

Mindy Mayo, an employment tax expert and frequent speaker on this topic, will explain which workers are entitled to travel time pay and at what rate. She will explain the tracking and paperwork necessary to compensate the traveling employee correctly.

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Electronic HR Records: Compliance & Best Practices Workshop

New HR laws and regulations carry stringent rules on electronic records – and stiff penalties for noncompliance. And you can be sure that a savvy plaintiff’s attorney will pounce on any electronic sins of commission OR omission.

 ...Read More
Beyond Behavioral Interviewing: Ask the Right Questions & Evaluate the Answers Correctly

A simple shift in the way you ask interview questions can dramatically boost your chances of identifying a candidate who'll succeed at the job. Research shows that behavioral interviewing no longer gives you all the results you used to get.

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SharePoint Workshop: Mastering Document Management

Let SharePoint become more than just a file-server replacement. SharePoint can help bring together all your people, documents and ideas into one collaborative space … but only if you know how to use the tool correctly.

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I-9 Compliance Workshop: The New Rules & Best Practices of Employee Verification

Your organization's odds of being targeted for an audit of your I-9 forms have skyrocketed in just the past few years. Plus, the feds have released a brand-new version of the I-9 form with new requirements.

 ...Read More