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Beyond Behavioral Interviewing: Ask the Right Questions & Evaluate the Answers Correctly

Ever feel like you're constantly interviewing Robo-Candidates? Same stock answers to the same questions … delivered in the same peppy tenor. It's time to shake up your interviews … and find what's really going on inside candidates' heads.

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Background Checks: Best Practices & Legal Compliance

After years of debate, the EEOC published controversial new guidance on employers' use of background-check policies and practices. Then, it used those guidelines to file a series of important lawsuits alleging violation of federal discrimination law. Every employer needs to be in compliance.

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Understanding Microsoft Project

Whether you manage your own projects or maintain projects for others, this webinar will help clarify the questions that most often arise when using this very robust project management program.

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Independent Contractor Workshop: How to Comply and Avoid the IRS/DOL Crackdown

If you classify any workers as "independent contractors”—or have plans to do so—now is the time to make sure you get that classification correct. A massive new "Misclassification Initiative” launched by the IRS and U.S. Department of Labor is targeting employers with more audits and closer scrutiny. The IRS estimates that 80% of workers classified as "independent contractors” are actually employees.

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HR Investigations Workshop: A Guide to Legal & Effective Inquiries

The webinar is packed with tips and strategies to handle any workplace problem quickly and legally. You'll learn how to conduct investigations that achieve all of your goals — and will stand up in court.

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