Make the most of MS Office on your iPad

The Office app remains a relatively new option for iPad users, but one that can really help you boost productivity when you can’t use your laptop or desktop computer.

Get Word to run a tighter ship

Q. There is too much space between the lines of my recipients’ address in a letter. How can I tighten it up?

Get Word to stop assuming what you want

Q. How do I keep Word from Auto­­Formatting or Auto­Correcting certain text?

Cool office tools at low or no cost

Here are three web tools to share your desktop, edit PDFs and reclaim Gmail's calendar features.

You can override Word's spacing suggestions

Q. Why does the new Word paragraph format default to 1.15 lines?

Start a new document with the font you want

Q. How can I change the default fonts for new Word documents?

Make any picture into a bullet point

Q: How can I create my own ­custom bullet points?

1-Minute Strategies: January '13

Improve your productivity with a few apps ... Track word, character counts and other document statistics ... Let LinkedIn groups lead to your next job.

New features in Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 has arrived with some new features that could make your job easier.

Save time with Microsoft Word templates

If you frequently write letters to the same few people, having documents that are partially formatted with dropdown menus can save you the hassle of copying and pasting from old documents all the time.