Are there any special considerations for an online Power­­­­Point presentation?

Q. I’m delivering a presentation online. Are there any special considerations for my Power­­­­Point presentation?

Bring Excel data into PowerPoint with ease

Q. My tables never look right when I paste them into Power­­Point. How should I paste Excel data into PowerPoint?

Backgrounds in PowerPoint

Q. Is it better to use a dark or a light background in PowerPoint?

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Make any picture into a bullet point

Q: How can I create my own ­custom bullet points?

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New features in Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 has arrived with some new features that could make your job easier.

Get that Excel chart onto a slide

Q: What is the best way to paste an Excel chart into PowerPoint 2010?

PowerPoint bells and whistles: noise or not?

I recently heard a train-the-trainer presenter refer to all animations and transitions as unnecessary fluff and distractions. While I agree that animation beyond basic slide transitions can be distracting, I do think there is a place for well-placed advanced features in your PowerPoint. Here are my basic guidelines:

Hide and Seek With PowerPoint Objects

If you design diagrams with layered objects, especially with animation, it can be a bit frustrating to keep things stacked the way you like as you make changes and add movement. Here are a couple of tips to keep your sanity with layered objects.