3 keys to making a presentation pop

Administrative assistants are often asked to put together presentations for their managers, says Kenny Nguyen, founder of Big Fish Pre­­sen­­tations, which helps people and organizations give better presentations.

Prepare for presentations in 15 minutes

Giving a big presentation can make even a seasoned professional nervous. Well Said, Inc. President Darlene Price says that instead of trying to get rid of your butterflies you should try to take advantage of them. She writes that the adrenaline can make you more energetic and enthusiastic about the presentation. If that doesn’t work, here are more ways you can prepare yourself.

3 PowerPoint habits to eliminate

Strategic communications advisor Stephanie Scotti is ready for bad PowerPoints to be eliminated from the workplace. She offers three solutions to help break this pattern.

Quick tips for presentation prep

Rather than using the 15 minutes before your presentation to stress and fret, follow these tips to prepare mentally.

Rule No. 1: Keep your audience in mind

Successful presenters prepare by not only focusing on information, but on their audience’s concerns and communication style. By catering to the audience, a presentation becomes more effective and has a higher chance of succeeding. To focus on your target audience and learn what they will expect, answer these questions.

How to effectively present all that data

When you’re working on a project that involves a great deal of data, it can be difficult to figure out how to effectively share the numbers. Use these tips to do it right.

What are people thinking? 3 survey tools

Free survey tools enable you to query your customers, staff or followers about a particular topic. You can set up a two- to three-question survey in under five minutes with any of these online survey tools.

Perfect your presentations

Knowing how to deliver a polished, effective presentation is an important skill, says Jonas Altman, a partner at Social Fabric.

Engage an audience conversation-style

If you have to make a presentation, use conversation-style tactics to keep your audience engaged, suggests leadership expert George Bradt, who says he avoids lecture-style presentations as much as possible.

YouTube videos in PowerPoint

Q. Can I have a video from YouTube in my presentation and have it play automatically?