Perfect your presentations

Knowing how to deliver a polished, effective presentation is an important skill, says Jonas Altman, a partner at Social Fabric.

Engage an audience conversation-style

If you have to make a presentation, use conversation-style tactics to keep your audience engaged, suggests leadership expert George Bradt, who says he avoids lecture-style presentations as much as possible.

YouTube videos in PowerPoint

Q. Can I have a video from YouTube in my presentation and have it play automatically?

Keep presentations to just 9 minutes

Research shows workers waste an average of more than 2½ hours a week in unnecessary meetings. The reason is Parkinson’s Law: the amount of time given for a task is the amount of time it will take. If given 30 minutes to give a presentation, it will take 30 minutes.

Push these buttons to sell that idea

"Multiple intelligences" pioneer Howard Gardener says you can use seven levers for persuading other people to latch onto new ideas.

Nail reports with these formatting tips

Adopt these rules that professional writers and editors follow to make your reports and presentations more compelling and easy to read.

3 ways to perk up your presentations

Scott Sterling offers three ways to make your next presentation interesting and painless for everyone involved.

Step up your speaking game in 6 steps

If you sense your presentations are failing to rouse others to action, it’s probably time for a tuneup, says career and business advisor Beverly Flaxington. Here are six steps to a more powerful presentation.

1-Minute Strategies: March '13

Create an infographic everyone will want to read, without using a designer ... Keep your clothes wrinkle-free on the road ... Turn your iPhone into a presentation power tool ... Lead even those you don't manage.

Make your writing far more readable

Is that a memo you're typing or the Gettysburg Address? When documents look like one big block of text, it's time to deploy formatting techniques to make your words more scannable and easier to digest.