Personal Development

1-Minute Strategies, Dec. '15

Follow the two-block rule ... Never explain something when you can show it ... Use your commuting time to prepare for the day ahead.

5 ways to give great customer service

Economic developer Cheryl Scott reminds us of timeless principles that help us lay a solid business foundation by keeping the customers first.

1-Minute Strategies: November '15

To clean up your writing, trust your ears ... Replace quirky interview questions with analytical ones ... Pick the best time and place to speak up.

7 tips on how to become more charismatic

Life coach Jason Treu offers these seven tips to help you become more charismatic.

When there's no escape from a terrible job

If you want a first aid kit to patch the pain and maybe bring just a little daylight through the window beside your lousy, stupid, awful desk, try these tips.

Make coffee networking a win-win

When someone from LinkedIn asks you to get coffee and talk about his new sales venture or business idea, it’s easy to write off the request because you’re too busy. But making the effort to oblige can benefit you, too, writes Wealthsimple CMO Jason Goldlist.

Empathy key in workplace relationships

Meetings, despite their bad reputation, are essential to workplace culture. Make meetings worthwhile by using emotional intelligence to gauge how people work together and affect the entire organization, writes Splash Effect co-founder Hamza Khan.

Stop trying to please everyone

The pressure to be liked at work can be frustrating and overwhelming, writes Katie Jansen, vice president of corporate marketing at AppLovin. But ultimately, trying to make everyone like you can make you less effective at your job. Here’s what you gain when you let go of being liked in the workplace.

Rise and shine with standing desks

The jury's still out on standing workstations. If you're leaning in that direction, here are the benefits you may be overlooking.

1-Minute Strategies: October '15

“Sweatworking” is the newest way to connect with professional contacts ... You’ll soon be able to control your entire house with Siri voice com­­mands ... Watch what you write in your work emails; they can be used against you.