Personal Development

Set yourself up for a spectacular future

The future is uncertain, but with some foresight you can increase your chances of being happy in it, Lifehack’s Chris Ellis writes. The secret is to focus on who you want to be in the future and to take steps to become that person each day. Here are some ways Ellis suggests you can do just that.

Get healthy with tech

Some employers are turning to technology companies such as Retrofit to help employees shed pounds and kick un­­healthy habits, Lora Kolodny writes in The Wall Street Journal.

1-Minute Strategies: April 2014

Say “ummm” no more ... Be nice or your company will pay the price ... Bigger is better when it comes to coffee cups.

3 steps to becoming a better leader

If you’re struggling to be a leader, consider these tips from Dan McCarthy.

Don't let these regrets plague you

Technology entrepreneur Daniel Gulati sat down with a group of professionals working in a variety of fields to discuss their greatest career regrets and found five major themes.

Stress is top workforce health risk

Stress ranks above physical inactivity and obesity as the No. 1 workforce health issue, according to the 2013/2014 Towers Watson Staying@Work Survey. However, only 15% of employers identify improving employees’ emotional and mental health—by reducing stress and anxiety—as a top priority of their health and productivity programs.

What it takes to go from bud to boss

If you received a promotion and suddenly found yourself supervising people who were your peers the day before, would you know how to break the ice and make a smooth transition?

Connect with co-workers to be happier on the job

A 2013 study by Office­­Team found that aside from getting paid, em­­ployees are most thankful for ...

How to be happy at work

Sharon Salzberg is an author, meditation in­­struc­­tor and founder of the Insight Medi­­­­ta­tion Soci­­ety. Recently, she answered questions about how administrative professionals can find more happiness in their work.

5 steps to becoming that go-to person

Every office has a go-to guy or gal who people count on to deliver in any situation. It’s possible to become the go-to if you try, says Kelly Gurnett, assistant editor of Brazen Life.