Personal Development

Anyone revved up to work longer and retire later? Workers may not have a choice, suggests a new book, Working Longer: The Solution to the Retirement Income Challenge.
As baby boomers prepare to retire, offices are left to figure out: “How do we make sure all their know-how and institutional memory are left behind?” Here are a few tips for capturing admin knowledge before it walks out the door, and making sure it sticks with younger generations …
Wow clients and others in your network by sending handwritten notes to thank, follow up with or congratulate. Video producer Ellen Barnard says she always sends handwritten notes or flowers to clients, and “they’re left with the impression that I’m really good at what I do.” …
Then and than may be confused in speech, but when it comes to the written word, these two words are not interchangeable. Here’s the key difference …
According to New Age business consultant Barrie Dolnick, these three steps can help your intuition become more active at work.
You like your company and your co-workers, but you’re bored. Chances are you’ve reached a plateau. Solution? Step out of your comfort zone.
You’ve been meaning to make a doctor’s appointment/reorganize the shelves/have the oil changed, but you keep putting it off. Sound familiar? If you occasionally procrastinate, these simple measures will help you take a more proactive approach.
Why do some people always seem to be successful at getting what they want? It’s their use of the power of persuasion, says Laurie Puhn, author of Instant Persuasion.
You’ve been fired, laid off, rendered redundant. Yet, no matter what the reason you were released, you never saw it coming. Here are lessons you can learn from a job loss—or prepare yourself for that possibility—so you can more easily dust yourself off and land the next job.
The No. 1 reason people quit their jobs? Excessive stress, says a recent study of 93 large companies. Take action before you feel so overwhelmed. Try these easy stress-busting techniques from Tevis Gale, career coach and head of the consulting firm Balance Integration.
Want to be the sort of customer who gets priority treatment? Who regularly gets a supplier to lower their price when your exec asks for budget cuts, or compels the barista to add more whipped cream to her mocha lattés? Stick to these five behaviors that, in vendors’ eyes, make for a good customer, says Harvard Business School professor John Quelch.
Your big conference went off without a hitch. In fact, it went so smoothly, your boss might not realize how well you handled everything.
Good communication skills are more valuable than knowing PowerPoint inside and out, according to a new survey, in which 67% of human resources managers said they would hire an admin with strong soft skills even if their technical abilities were lacking.