So-called conventional wisdom leads you to believe too blindly about what it takes to succeed. Stop automatically believing these five myths.
Exercise before a stressful event … Knock out “fake work” … Look before you leap … Cut out filler words … But can squirrels play fetch? … The man behind the sign … Setting an example at the supermarket … Where will you be working when the robots take over?
There’s a good chance your job will change or disappear entirely, so you need to be ready to carry on and keep your career going when it does. Lifehacker’s Alan Henry offers five steps you can take to make sure you’ll land on your feet and hit the ground running if you lose your job.
More than a résumé, a portfolio spotlights your strengths. While a résumé focuses on job duties, a portfolio draws attention to results and accomplishments.
Author and positive-habit coach Maria Brilaki offers some great ways to train your brain and im­­prove its performance today and in the future.
Flexibility is a workplace benefit that’s gaining popularity. Whether it’s remote work or flexible hours, employers are recognizing its importance, making now a great time to negotiate your own flexible arrangement.
One of the most important qualities an assistant can develop is credibility. It can take a bucket full of thoughtful actions to establish and yet can be seriously undermined by a single thoughtless move that creates a slow leak.
There are six types of people you should have in your life to support your career success. Check your personal and professional life to see if you have each of these.
Two activities to help with concentration and reduce fatigue.
Tips to make it more likely new people will remember you.

How to love your job

July 6, 2017 Categorized in: Personal Development

“A great work fit brings us joy, connection, creativity and meaning, and when we are misfit it creates real pain and suffering—for us, for our families, for our communities and also for companies,” says Moe Carrick.
Three things to do when you can’t fall asleep.
As an admin in higher education, Amanda Dixon says she enjoys helping students while working among friends. She enjoys talking through complex issues with students and parents, and loves encouraging them along their path.