15 tips to get better Google results

Google is a powerful tool for both your professional and personal life—and knowing how it works can help you get even better results. Lifehack’s Katherine Eion offers these tips.

1-Minute Strategies: November '14

Get moving—even if it’s just for a few minutes ... Learn the power of the doodle ... Boost your chances of career success with three simple steps.

Stop email from slowing you down

Constantly checking email is a great way to stop productivity in its tracks. Productivity coach Susan Lasky recommends changing the way you manage your inbox.

Extend battery life 50% with new app

Heavy’s Karen Tumbokon urges Android users to download Battery Doctor, an app guaranteed to extend your Android device’s battery by 50%. Here’s how to use it.

Simple steps to speed up your computer

Few things in life are as frustrating as a slow computer. Small Business Trends Product Editor TJ McCue has some simple steps you can take to speed up your PC and save your sanity.

SharePoint: Two mysteries solved

Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel answers two reader questons on SharePoint.

Digital notebooks: Evernote vs. OneNote

Microsoft recently made OneNote available to Mac users, and while it’s comparable to Evernote, there are key differences to consider, says technology writer Julio Ojeda-Zapata.

Wearable devices could change work

Earlier this year, Google unveiled three new smartwatches, all using the company’s Android operating system. Technology writer James Kendrick sees them as having potential uses in the workplace.

Gmail makes it easy to ditch spam

Gmail’s newest feature gives you the opportunity to quickly unsubscribe to all those unwanted spam emails, giving you the opportunity to clean out your overloaded inbox.

2 weekly emails save you hours at work

Most admins could cut some wasted time at the office simply by sending their bosses two standard emails a week, says project manager and IT consultant Robbie Abed.