Creating better Excel spreadsheets

Improve your Microsoft Excel skills and build better spreadsheets with these tips from OfficeTeam.

Working with Pivot Tables

Q. How can I avoid changing the data source each time my source data grows?

It's all about Excel

How is the new Excel Sumlfs different from SumIf, and how do you dissect a formula to troubleshoot?

Create a color legend in Excel

Q. I’d like to provide a “legend” so people know what the different Conditional Formatting colors mean in Excel. How can I do this?

Bring Excel data into PowerPoint with ease

Q. My tables never look right when I paste them into Power­­Point. How should I paste Excel data into PowerPoint?

Get your characters in line with Excel's LEFT function

Q. How can I return characters to the left of a dash in an Excel cell using the LEFT function?

Resolving text-to-columns with line breaks in Excel

Q. I have a spreadsheet where three address lines are separated by a line break. How do I use text-to-columns to separate the lines into columns?

New features in Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 has arrived with some new features that could make your job easier.

Get that Excel chart onto a slide

Q: What is the best way to paste an Excel chart into PowerPoint 2010?

Start the New Year off right with Excel templates

If you’ve ever accidentally saved over a document you needed by using it to create a new one, or accidentally deleted long and complex formulas, you’ll appreciate these tips on selecting, modifying and creating Excel templates.